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Wheeled walker ...Mobility uk products from mabels

Easy to use, wheeled walkers




This wheeled walker has been extensively researched online to give you:

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Useful info:


Wheeled walkers come in many styles and it is worth spending time deciding which is the best option. Most indoor frames are smaller and lighter, so are easier to use in tight spaces and usually have two wheels at the front and legs at the back. The legs mean the frame feels very stable when leaning on it between steps, but most do not have baskets and you have to lift them for each step. Some frames have fixed front wheels; others have swivelling wheels.


Three wheelers are the easiest to turn, because the single wheel at the front turns very easily, but this can mean it's easy to bump into things in cluttered areas, but they usually fold up and some have baskets and trays as optional extras. Steps and curbs can be difficult - some people could not tip the frame far enough to get the wheels up on to a step. Four wheeled frames tend to be bigger, and can feel more stable. They are easier to push around corners than two wheeled frames, but are less easy than three wheelers. Choosing a wheeled walking frame is like choosing anything else. You have to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of different features.






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