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Selenium Works with Vitamin E and appears to slow down the aging process. Also helps with energy.

Selenium is found in Wheat germ, tuna fish, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, bran

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Selenium is very good . Selenium was naturally present in the earth and in our vegetables years ago, but sadly has become depleted over the years with intensive farming and chemicals. So we can put back this missing ingredient. You will certainly feel a difference taking selenium as a supplement.


Fight Cancer with selenium

The experts at Cornell University had proof that America could
stem the rising tide of cancer, if each individual would consume
about 600 mcg of selenium a day. Not 70 mcg, as the RDI
erroneously suggests. Nearly 10 times the amount of the RDI!

This is potentially life saving information. One out of two
Americans is now struck with cancer.



Colon cancer survivors who had the highest levels of the antioxidant mineral selenium in their blood were least likely to have the cancer recur, a recent study reported. Brazil nuts, as well as holiday favorites such as turkey and baked ham, are good sources of selenium. Just don't overdo it by taking a supplement—too much selenium can be toxic.



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