Top ten house buying turn offs
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Top Ten House Buying Turn-Offs

house buying



The value of a house can be affected by many things, including its size, location, the state of the housing market in the area and its proximity to good schools or transport links. A recent survey of over 1000 UK adults published by independent property selling guide, SellingUp, has revealed some surprising findings about other factors that result in people either cooling their interest in a house completely, or deciding to lower their offer if they wish to continue with the purchase. Read on to find out the top ten turn offs for UK home buyers.

10) Death of the previous owner

The survey revealed that a factor which would cause some people to walk away from a house was the knowledge that the previous owner of the property died there. 16% indicated that this information would cool their interest in a house entirely, although 34% did say that they would proceed without any reservations, and another 27% felt that although it wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t enough of a reason alone to stop them from trying to buy.

9) Poor or unreliable mobile phone coverage

A rather modern reason wins the number 9 spot, with 23% of people indicating that a house which suffered from poor mobile phone reception simply wouldn’t cut it for them at all, and 30% believing that this gave them reason enough to put in a lower offer on the property.

8) Lack of storage space

The amount of storage space available in a potential new house has long been something which concerns a lot of buyers, and whilst only 25% of those surveyed said that this was reason enough for them to scratch a property straight off the list, a whopping 44% felt that a lack of storage was grounds for a lower offer to be put in, and only 4% of prospective buyers thought it was something which wouldn’t concern them at all.

7) Next to/overlooking a cemetery

Coming in at number 7 is the rather unusual home-buying factor of a property being next door to, or overlooking, a cemetery. The close proximity to the final resting place of others was a strong enough reason for 31% of potential buyers to slam the door on that house completely and another 20% felt that they would need a lower price in order to proceed. However 24% of those surveyed indicated that it wouldn’t give them any second thoughts whatsoever and they would happily proceed without any reservations.

6) Annoying estate agent

Some may be surprised that this isn’t higher up the list, but the survey indicated that encountering an annoying estate agent would be enough to cool the interest in a house entirely for 35% of potential buyers. Only 7% of people said that they would proceed with an irritating estate agent as the go-between without any worries and 19% thought it was enough of a factor to prompt a lower offer on the property. Imagine being a fly on the wall for that conversation!

5) Burglary risk due to poor security

It’s unsurprising that a house displaying a poor level of security which could put the residents at risk of burglary appeared in this list, but only 37% of those surveyed thought that this was a big enough reason alone for them to walk away from a house.

4) Aeroplane noise

Imagine sitting in your garden, enjoying a drink in the sun, when your peace and quiet is rudely interrupted by a gigantic jet coming in to land a few miles away. This mental picture might be the reason why a significant 41% of those surveyed wouldn’t go anywhere near a property which experienced significant aeroplane noise.

3) Rude seller

Whilst an annoying estate agent is one thing, a rude house seller is apparently a bigger turn-off to potential buyers, with the survey showing that 42% felt that this was a good enough reason to find a different dream home to buy. 28% indicated that they would expect to put in a lower offer if they found the house’s vendor to have a bad attitude or to be behaving rudely.

2) Evidence of pests

Runner up in the top ten reasons to make a buyer run for the hills is evidence of pest inhabitation in a property. 44% of potential home-buyers indicated they would walk away without a backward glance if they spotted things such as rodent droppings or mousetraps when viewing a house. Who could blame them?

1) Noisy Neighbours

Taking the top spot by a gigantic margin is one of the few things likely to cause significant ongoing issues that can’t be solved with some elbow grease or a renovation budget. Noisy neighbours are something that most people have experience of at some point of in their lives, which must be the reason why 70% of those surveyed said that evidence of neighbours often playing loud music, having regular screaming matches or partying into the early hours was undoubtedly a big enough issue to stop any chance of a sale in its tracks.

When it comes to how much a house is worth and how easy it is to sell, what it always boils down to is that a house is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it at a given time, but there are certainly things which can set some homes apart, for better or for worse!


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