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Garden: Don't bother to buy gardening twine, plastic ties, etc. for tying back your plants, just use old tights/stockings and I promise you will never revert back. You can cut the tights into strips for delicate plants/branches or make use of the whole stocking or tight leg for tying back shrubs. You cannot beat them for strength and also they do not rot like garden string, but, more importantly, although the material acts as a firm support, it 'g-i-v-e-s' so that it does not cut into the plant, and is almost invisible among the branches and flowers. We even have a use for the foot (nothing is wasted) as tied onto the end of the downpipe as it goes into the rainwater butt, it collects all the leaves and debris before they have a chance to foul the water, and when the foot is full you can just slip it off the pipe and deposit the contents onto the compost heap or put the whole thing into the refuse bin. The thick part of the tights can also be used as padding to stop branches rubbing and becoming diseased. I also find tights very good for wrapping large cordylines into an umbrella shape before covering with winter protection, as they hold the long pointed leaves gently but firmly. (As you are probably aware, if the winter rain accumulates in the inside of the cordyline and freezes, then unfortunately it is goodbye cordyline, which is a shame as it is such a beautiful architectural plant).

Garage/Shed: Tights are also very useful for storing garden bulbs, onions, apples, old carrier bags, etc. Hang up in garage or shed and just take from the bottom and reseal with peg. Also, good for straining lumps/skin from old paint, or placing over the tin before replacing lid - it makes a good seal and you can remove the lid with ease. Useful when painting - cover half of the open top with the tights in order to make a temporary rest for your brush and any excess paint drips back into the tin

. . . . . and so on . . . . .

I know that our brains feel as though they are hibernating this cold weather, but I hope the above has started them ticking over and we really look forward to hearing your bright ideas. So, don't throw away all those old tights when you are doing your spring clear-out -

Talking of spring cleaning, I've just remembered another tip; avoid the messy job of extracting cobwebs etc from your fluffy duster after dusting ceilings, lamp shades, etc., just put the stick duster inside old tights and then peel off the tights (the cobwebs are then inside the tight) and deposit into bin.


I'll leave you on this happy note - the next time you ladder your tights, you won't feel quite so annoyed - you've not lost your tights, you've gained a useful friend!

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