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Living rooms

Note that I have mentioned 'living rooms' - the word 'lounge' had not yet arrived in the family vocabulary. Lounges as far as our young ears could determine were rather dubious places in pubs and hotels, places where good girls didn't frequent. Isn't it funny also how actual words come in and go out of fashion. I think lounge has done the complete circle now. The working class front room/sitting room became the estate agents' upmarket 'spacious lounge' and now the word 'lounge' is considered a 'no, no' and we are back to the estate agents' 'large, airy living room/sitting room', etc. And, can you remember when 'sofas' suddenly went upmarket and became 'settees', and now 'settee' is downmarket and it's back to 'sofa'? Which reminds me - last week I mentioned the word 'anorak' to my grandchildren, and they looked at me blankly and asked 'what's an anorak?' I wonder if the pre-anorak word 'windcheater' will make a comeback. Hope so, it was such an apt name and we could certainly do with a 'wind cheater' at the moment!

All these memories from just one tip. Hope the above has evoked happy childhood memories for you also, but unfortunately all these meanderings means that I am out of space ….. but, watch this space and join me for the rest of the tips …. Unless, of course, you've been encouraged to start making a rug or two?



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