Shower Chairs for the Elderly Can Improve Quality of Life
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Shower Chairs for the Elderly
Can Improve Quality of Life




Growing old is something that awaits everyone, yet how many of us can say we are prepared for it? The ageing process can have a profound effect on mobility, as it can affect the joints, muscles and bones quite seriously. A lucky few will be fit and strong enough to continue living a rewarding and productive life during the autumn of their lives.


However, there will be some who become either prisoners in their own home or long-term residents in a care facility. Thankfully, the latest mobility aids have been designed to ensure people can remain in their own homes for longer, and this is a source of great dignity and independence for people suffering with mobility issues. Shower chairs in particular are keeping the elderly safe, and the latest innovations are actually preventing accidents.


The Benefits of Shower Seats


Of course, the primary purpose of shower seats is safety. They provide a slip-resistant surface for the user to sit on whilst washing. The simple task of standing up can be impossible for many elderly people, so asking them to stand in a shower is simply out of the question. However, these products also make a shower a more pleasurable experience once again. Even for those people who can stand in the shower for a short period of time, the fear of falling will probably make showering an extremely stressful experience. The chance to sit safely whilst actually enjoying a relaxing shower will enhance the daily life of people with mobility issues. No one wants to rely on others to carry out such a fundamental and intimate task, and the latest shower chairs for the elderly mean many elderly people won't have to.


Varieties of Shower Chair


The basic shower chair will provide a secure and sturdy seat that will feature anti-slip feet. The designs of the basic models will vary, but it is vital that a chair is resistant to corrosion - stainless steel is an excellent option. The best chairs will feature moulded, antibacterial plastic, and comfortable padding will enhance the showering experience.


There are also some superb folding shower chairs than can be easily stowed away between each use - ideal for showers which flow into baths. The best models feature padded seats and backrests, and they will have non-slip feet to ensure absolutely no movement takes place during use. Consumers who struggle with lifting should consider an aluminium model, as it will be resistant to corrosion and relatively easy to carry.


A particularly popular chair on the market at the moment is a multi-purpose model that serves as a commode, a platform that can be adapted to most domestic toilet bowls and a shower chair. This all-in-one unit allows people with even the most serious of mobility issues to manage all of their daily bathroom-based tasks. The entire unit folds down easily for storage and its padded seat facilitate both safety and comfort.


No one wants to grow old, but there is no reason why old-age should strip people of their independence and dignity. Thanks to the latest innovations in the world of mobility aids, people with a wide range of mobility issues are living full and active lives.


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