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Services - A range of services to help make the most of life

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Contains many services for the elderly or more senior person. Simple sites with excellent advice on general assistance, retirement planning, pension advice and the state pension. Seniors are interested in finance, pensions and property, but there are also the fun items such as horoscopes, travel, education, dating and friends to enjoy.




Care and carers advice and information for the elderly


Charities & Associations

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Support to older people on very low incomes


All the latest over 50's news from the top news rooms
Over 50's news
Over 50's latest news and updates
over 50s news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news
Take advantage of the latest age related discounts and offers for our readers...


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The one-stop resource for all your over 50 needs that helps you make the most out of life.


" I think the Mabels site is categorised very well indeed. You have a huge amount of information aimed at the over 50s and it's so easy to read, straight to the point

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Charities & Associations


There are many organisations that will help the elderly if they find themselves in financial difficulty. Some offer grants for emergencies or equipment to aid daily living and some will offer a small income in order to achieve an acceptable and comfortable standard of living. There are also many organisations who have volunteers to provide support and friendship in order to combat social isolation and allow the elderly to hold on to their precious independence. More...

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Car Donation


Donating a car is way to give back to other people and still claim a good write off. There are many car donation services available out there, many of which donate to great charities throughout the world."



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It's never too late to learn and the elderly can learn something new just for pleasure. Learning as an over 50's adult is very different from the learning you may remember from school. You now have plenty of choice about what you learn, the speed you learn at, the way you learn and when you learn. Different options are available on-line with offers of information and unbiased advice about all areas of learning and leisure. But there may also be local organisations near you that hold courses. more...



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Growing older these days seems to bring more problems than ever before. An elderly person may well have savings rather than a mortgage, shares and investments, pension funds and equity in their home. All this needs to be looked after in the most tax efficient way possible. Impartial advice is even more important for example if a loan is needed for such items as home improvements or a new car. More...

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Pensions are a complicated subject that needs professional help to explain the options that are available at all stages of the pension process, or indeed, to help with the decision of whether pensions are the most appropriate retirement income planning tool at all. Buy-to-Let properties and ISA's, to give two examples, present other options available to retirement planning. more...





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Many of the reasons for which individuals find the need for legal assistance are at best stressful and at worst distressing. From buying or selling a house, accident or injury claim, preparing a Will or arranging your affairs, you may need a solicitor that will handle your case quickly, efficiently and with understanding. The elderly need advice that shows that their needs, wishes and best interests are of paramount importance at all times. However, this is obviously best obtained at the lowest cost possible, in time as well as money.more...



Accident Claim Line



For anyone having suffered an injury as a result of an accident in the last three years that wasn't their fault. Offers expert advice. NO financial risk


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You're planning to go travelling? What if you get injured while you're on holiday?
A car can become a very nasty expense if you don't insure it properly!

What happens when you aren't there to look after your family anymore?
If your children have left home, you are probably less likely to have to claim for accidental damage. But if they have children themselves, you may need your accidental damage cover! Any grandparent should confirm this is true.
Insurance is always expensive….till you need it! But the over 50s do get some good insurance news, many providers of insurance offer cheaper premiums for older people.

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Friends & Family

More and more single people over 50 are finding that dating services available via the web are adding a new dimension to their life and providing a really excellent way of meeting new friends or potential partners. Online access dating services aim to cater for your every need. Offering; personal assistance, speed, informality and many extra facilities. More...

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Over 50s UK Online Dating - 50 plus UK dating with free registration and search


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When you need a tradesman quickly, you need to find them easily. These directories will direct you to a Plumber, Builder, Electrician, or any other tradesman in the UK. Or if you want to book a hotel for a celebratory meal or weekend away, it is easy to find by post code or town. These directories will help you find what you need, when you need it. more...



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Buying and selling locally, nationally, or globally is simple these days with online auctions. You must use your common sense, though, and be guided by the experienced auction sites. If you are sensible, you can turn a lot of items that you no longer require into cash and thereby either simply de-clutter your home or raise cash towards something you have always wanted. more...



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Hints and Tips

How many times have you given a tip to someone that has saved them from hours of work, simple tips like pouring white wine onto a spillage of red wine to prevent it from staining. But if you didn't know that tip, you might spread the stain and spoil a precious rug. The sites here are designed to allow you to search for a hint or tip when you need it, or simply browse and be surprised what you can learn. more...



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Travel & Holidays


Don't feel guilty about being kind to yourself - take a holiday. You need to give yourself time to relax, and to engage in activities that you find rewarding. It is sensible, not self indulgent to look after your self in this way. Doing things you have to do all the time has a negative effect on your emotional health. As well as the fact that a holiday can renew the over 50's strength to carry on in the face of difficult circumstances. More...

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You may want a map because you are going on a journey and you need to check your route or perhaps a friend or loved one is travelling and you want to chart their progress. Or maybe you have a love of old maps and would like to see the UK depicted on a nostalgic old map. These sites will cater for your needs. more...



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H.R.H. The Prince of Wales


The bygone era of the British Monarchy



See your weekly or daily horoscope

Classic F.M.


Music to accompany you while you browse
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The housing market has staged something of a meteoric rise over the last 50 years. The price of a modest family home bears no resemblance to the prices asked just after the war. Of course, salaries have increased, and the number and variety of properties available has changed as much. It is now quite acceptable to build your own "pre-fab" property. Quite different to those we remember…



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