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At this senior site , we are your one stop shop for all your senior citizen needs. You can access all your senior needs by just clicking on the links below. You can learn about the best tips to improve senior health, fitness, independent living & finances. There is also very interesting & useful information made available as well as listings of the best web sites to cover the senior citizens interests & needs for such topics as nostalgia, places to visit, mobility,senior leisure & lifestyle and much, much more.

Leisure & Lifestyle - Keeping mentally and physically active for seniors

Here you can take up a new hobby or interest or expand and improve an existing one.

Includes many hobbies that may interest … travel advice,senior travel insurance and cheap holiday & flight information for those who wish to spread their horizons. Many sites for those who enjoy their garden and want gardening information and supplies. Also lifestyle sites that cater for the seniors & diverse subjects such as pets, walking, crafts and craft supplies or crosswords and collectibles.

Seeing, Hearing & Moving - For better living

Here you can find many disability aids to promote independent living for the elderly,disabled or more senior person. Mobility aids such as a walking stick or cane, walker or wheelchair. Vision aids to make seeing easier, such as reading glasses and contact lenses (including disposable contact lenses) and disability equipment for those with hearing problems or who are deaf, such as digital hearing aids.

Gifts - Unique gifts they will treasure forever

Many sites with gift ideas. Gifts may be for a retirement gift or wedding anniversary, such as ruby, silver, pearl or golden,or even maybe a 50th birthday gift for her or for him . A present is important for the recipient whether it's a woman's gift or a man's gift, for a parent or even home gift. All may be found here

Helpful Gadgets - For everyday

Here you can find many disability aids & medical supplies to promote independent living for the senior person,disabled or more senior person.

Comfy Home - Maintaining independent better living for the senior citizen

Apart from disability equipment and independent living aids that may be required, the seniors and the more elderly still appreciate a comfortable environment. These sites include Interior design, Furniture, Electrical Appliances, mobility aids such as stairlifts and DIY to enhance your retirement.

Nostalgic Goods - To maintain those bygone times

Nostalgia means different thing to different people, but essentially nostalgia relates to bygone times. Nostalgic memories may show themselves in our collecting items of interest such as coins, antiques and crafts or in antique dealing, craft supplies or traditional goods - in fact any collectible. To others a nostalgic pastime includes learning more about our ancestry, genealogy, history or heritage.

Services - A range of services for the seniors to help make the most of life

Contains many services for senior citizen or more senior person. Simple sites with excellent advice on general assistance, retirement planning, pension advice and the state pension. Seniors are interested in finance, pensions and property, but there are also the fun items such as horoscopes, travel and senior education, dating and friends to enjoy.

Mabels Features - This is the section containing articles of interest for seniors

Suggest an Article to the senior site

If you have something interesting to say that may suit our senior readers, we encourage you to email us. Your suggestion, if accepted, will be published as soon as our staff reviews it. We especially encourage submissions related to the following topics that can also be related to the senior citizens:

Health, Nutrition, Mobility, senior general , Finance, Legal, Hobbies, Home & garden, cooking, safety & nostalgic stories aimed at the senior citizen.

Health - For seniors

Senior people are active these days and do not consider themselves as aging, but the senior person may suffer from some health problems and these can be ongoing such as asthma or a late onset such as arthritis and diabetes. Health advice is available to ensure the wellbeing of those seniors and for elderly care, to improve their daily living, there are also medical supplies and these are divided between women's health and men's health.

General Shopping - Here you can visit the top name shopping sites

Discover a whole new shopping experience and visit the stores without leaving home. You'll find the same quality and value - plus all the convenience of having your shopping delivered direct to your door. What could be easier!


General Shopping
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