Senior Rail Card Explained
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Senior Rail Card Explained




All the information you need to know about the UK’s Senior Rail Card

Getting about the UK can be far more relaxing by rail car then by motor vehicle. The frustrations of traffic as well as the expense of fuel and vehicle maintenance minimise the financial freedom of a day trip. However, the rail system relieves this stress by providing stops throughout the UK. Seniors who travel by the rail system would be greatly benefited by the senior rail card. Where you do save a great deal of money on fare, there are other benefits involved with owning such. Here is what you need to know about the Senior Rail Card.


What is the Cost benefit of the Senior Rail Card?


The Senior Rail Card Costs £30 annually. As the average ticket can cost £17, the card pays for itself in just a few uses.  In addition the senior rail card has partnered with the Gourmet Society, Hoseasons Parks and Lodges, and Naked Wines (among various other partners) to offer additional discounts up to 60% off the regular retail. The Senior Rail Card is primarily designed for those which wish to buy train tickets within the UK after the morning peak times.  The typical savings that one will have when using the Senior Rail card is about 1/3 off the Standard and First Class Anytime ticket or around £144 a year.


The Basic Requirements


As the Senior Rail Card offers discounts for seniors, there is an age requirement of 60 years or older to be able to purchase the card. You cannot purchase the card before your 60th birthday unless you order online, but you can buy the card on the day of. Railcards must be purchased by the individual who is planning to use the card. You cannot purchase a card on another’s behalf.  Online orders allow you to purchase your card up to 2 weeks prior to your 60th birthday. When you purchase your Senior Rail Card you will need to have either a valid passport or a valid UK driving license. You can also use your birth certificate to prove your identity and age. Some stations may require that you have picture ID accompanying your age verification and so you should take such into consideration when purchasing offline.


Where can Senior Rail Cards be purchased directly?


You can purchase a railcard from any Staffed station ticket office. Keep in mind that you can only purchase the one year senior rail card directly. Any card that is for three year duration (cost £70) must be purchased online. Purchasing directly does allow you to obtain the card the day of your travel. However, it is recommended that you purchase your Senior Rail Card prior to your travel date to avoid any unforeseen delays.


What can I do if I do not have a driver’s license or passport?


If you are not eligible for a driver’s license and you do not have a passport or other identifying documentation, you will need to contact the telesales division of the Railcard system at 0345 3000 250. The railcard system will then check your identification against the electoral roll to determine and verify your identification.


Those which are renewing their Railcard need only to fill out the application and show their existing railcard. They do not need to provide any additional proof of identification.


Limitations of Use

The Senior Rail Card can be used on most of your day singles and returns. There are limitations to the time of use, however. Your Railcard cannot be used during the morning peak period when traveling between London and South East stations. You will need to verify the stations peak times to ensure that your rail card will be valid at the time of travel. Other considerations include:


  • There may be a minimum fare requirement depending upon the station used
  • Some tickets require booking prior to travel in order to receive a discount
  • Time Restrictions do not apply on public holidays
  • Depending upon the route that you chose the morning off-peak services may vary
  • Some services are not available on Saturdays and Sundays. Check the availability of the route.
  • Discounts do not apply to season tickets, Eurostar tickets, charter trains, special excursion trains, or some coach/bus links
  • Some discounts and promotions do not allow additional discounts with the senior rail card.

Do you have inquiries about the Senior Rail Card?


Where we hope that all of the information that you need is contained here, if you have any inquiries about the Senior Rail Card please feel free to call the railcard system or visit one of the staffed railway stations to find out more. You can also visit the Facebook page or the official website to find more information concerning the Senior Rail Card.




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