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Selling property uk

The housing market has staged something of a meteoric rise over the last 50 years. The price of a modest family home bears no resemblance to the prices asked just after the war. Of course, salaries have increased, and the number and variety of properties available has changed as much. It is now quite acceptable to build your own "pre-fab" property. Quite different to those we remember…


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Since 1996 HouseWeb.com, the UK’s longest establish property web site, has been helping 1,000’s of homeowners sell their home with or without an estate agent, saving on average £5,500!

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Housing and Mortgages for Seniors

Here is a comprehensive consumer guide for the seniors community that
talks about the various approaches that can be used in getting a
mortgage and other similar topics. Click here to browse

After evaluating this guide, readers will have a better understanding of:

Common financial mistakes that seniors make
The benefits of downsizing
Approaches to paying for a mortgage in retirement
The various types of mortgages available to seniors
What a reverse mortgage is and how to use it
How seniors can protect themselves from predatory real estate professionals and scams


Property Presentation When Selling Your Home


Tips to sell your home quickly in 2013 with John Matthews


The pro's and con's of selling your house fast to a cash buyer


property selling

Are you up for the downsize challenge? more




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