The pro's and con's of selling your house fast to a cash buyer
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The pro's and con's of selling
your house fast to a cash buyer



If for whatever reason you require a quick house sale then it is very likely that you will end up dealing with a cash house buyer. Cash buyers can generally move quickly when it comes to property sales. This is due to the fact that they don't require a mortgage or loan to buy your house. The less people involved in the sale of your house means the quicker things can happen.


If you need to sell quickly then please consider the following:

The Pro's

" You can sell fast and move on. If a quick sale is absolutely essential then you'll find a cash sale will do the trick.

" You are only dealing with one person or organisation. It eliminates the need to advertise via an estate agent and show prospective buyers around your home.


" If you are finding it difficult to sell on the open market.


" It doesn't matter if your house requires modernisation or renovation. This wouldn't put a cash buyer off, but it would be reflected within the sale price.

The Con's

" The major drawback is that it will cost you. Cash buyers will generally require a discount on the OMV (open market value) of up to 20-25% discount. This could amount to tens of thousands of pounds you would potentially lose out on.


" There are a lot of dealers claiming to have cash funds who don't - it is an unregulated market place. You should request proof of purchase funds before you commit to any buyer.


In summary, a cash sale isn't the most suitable solution for everyone, and only generally applies to those who have a property that is un-mortgageable or when a fast sale is required. You should carefully consider all the options you have before committing to sell.


This article was provided by Ask-Susan - a reputable cash buyer operating via a nationwide network of fast house buyers.










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