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Repressed memories.
Memorization link techniques

Sit Back, Relax and Memorize

Ever heard of repressed memories? How about being told by someone
you know that he remembers something but just can't get it exactly?
This is a common sign of memory decline and already a problem among
millions and millions of people.

You can do something to help yourself from having a memory issue by
maintaining proper mental exercises and a healthy lifestyle. It
means you need to maintain a healthy body overall.

But you can start using simple memory improvement techniques like
the Link method. Memorization is rooted to how well you can create
associations of things that are unfamiliar to something you're
extremely familiar with.

Car, Pillow, Contact Lens, Shampoo

The items above aren't associated in any way with one another.
Let's use the link method for these items. Start by imagining
yourself opening the trunk of the car and as you do, you find a
pillow with two brown looking eyes on it jumping up and down
inside. Just as you try to grab the pillow, the two brown looking
eyes you've spotted earlier pop out, then lands on the garage floor
and dives in a tub full of shampoo liquid.

Imagine this scenario and the more you rewind it back in your mind,
the easier it is for you to spot which items are important and
needed for memorization. What's great is that you didn't have to
force yourself to do anything. You just sat there and imagined.
Well done!

Click below to learn more about memorizing using Link method and
other memory improvement techniques:


Memory improvement

How to improve your memory
It's never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. Learn the natural techniques and never forget an important event or a person's name anymore.


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