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Raised toilet seats...Mobility uk products from mabels

Easy to use, raised toilet seat






People with arthritis and mobility problems can have a difficult time getting up from a toilet seat. It's something that most people take for granted, but can be embarrassing for those who have a problem with conventional toilet seat height. Raised toilet seats can eliminate the problem as the additional height provided enables the user to stand easily after use. Many raised toilet seats are portable, so visiting friends or family can be enjoyed again. Raised toilet seats are usually made from smooth plastic for comfort and can be adjusted to fit most toilets. There are also raised toilet seats that are asymmetrical in shape, specially designed for those recovering from hip replacement surgery or leg fracture.










Additional information :

A safer toilet
Whatever else happens, being able to use the loo privately and comfortably is a fundamental expectation. If arthritis or any other impairment is making this difficult for you, there are lots of ways to ease the situation.
o You can raise the height of the toilet very simply, by replacing the seat with a raised toilet seat, or (less simply) by adding a plinth beneath it. Some raised toilet seats also have integral arms, to help you push yourself up.
o A sturdy frame around the loo, or one or two grab rails adjacent can help with extra support as you get up and down. Hinged grab rails push up against the wall when you don't need them, so are less obstructive in small bathrooms.
o There are now special seats available that give you a little lift, either electric, battery or air-powered.
o If dexterity is also a problem, you might well add a bidet facility to your loo - there are add-ons that fit most standard toilets, and make a very economical alternative to installing a separate bidet. Alternatively, you can install a purpose-built unit that combines toilet, bidet and warm air drying in one - but this is a more expensive option, of course.


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