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Pet supplies & information online

Look after your pets & they will look after you. Studies have proved that owning animals will dramatically benefit your health. Even basic handling will decrease your blood pressure & heart rate...So long as it doesn't bite you of course! In fact, pets may help elderly owners live longer, healthier, & more satisfying lives.


Online pet supplies & advice...

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Online Pet supplies & advice




The Daily Cat

Your guide to understanding, caring for,and loving your cat.




Useful links:

We list dog breed information - AnimalGazette.com Your source for pet nutrition & health information.

Bird Cages For Sale - Everything Birds offers many bird cages ranging from decorative bird cages to parrot cages.

Dogs Trust


Useful info:

Homesitters. Pet house sitting

If you'd enjoy an entertaining occasional occupation, why not become a Homesitter? more [image] More button

Pet and Property Sitting


Spare time on your hands? Love animals? Enjoy walking? Interested in getting to know different areas of the region? Then pet and property sitting could be ideal for you!


Pet and property sitting is a great way to have a change of scenery and explore different areas while caring for a variety of delightful animals. Sitting is extremely enjoyable and flexible enough to enable sitters to work as much or as little as they wish while fitting round other commitments such as grandchildren or spending time abroad. Some property sits are as short as a long weekend, while others range from a week to a month! Sitters can choose to stay locally or travel further a field.


Property sitting is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Many sitters make firm friends with their clients and their pets. As well as the being paid, sitters are also provided with provisions' allowance and traveling expenses. A preliminary visit is always arranged prior to each new sit so that you can be sure you are happy to stay there and know what is involved.


Pet and Property Sitters are an established, friendly, family owned company based in North Yorkshire who operate throughout the north of England. Being located in the middle of their coverage area means that they are able to ensure they provide the best local service available and are always on hand to visit sitters if required. This popular service means PPS are actively looking for trustworthy, responsible, capable people who are able to deal with many different locations and situations to join their growing team.


For more details about becoming a Pet and Property Sitter please visit: www.petandpropertysitters.co.uk or contact Elizabeth Liddle on: 01423 817867 or via email: [email protected]



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