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Retirement investing updates

Latest top pension & finance news...

All the latest over 50's news from the top news rooms
Over 50's news
Over 50's latest news and updates
over 50s news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news

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Annuity rates squeezed by economic woes


Retirement and Pensions In The UK


Pros and cons of annuities


FSA fine Direct Line and Churchill for tampering with complaints


Could you benefit from over 50s life insurance?




Decline in household incomes to blame for low pension figures?


Over 55s doing the sums on pension shortfall


Deputy PM issues global economy warning


Indexed linked bonds removed from market


Private companies trying to buy out of final salary pensions


Sick of your savings earning so little? Are you ready for a stock market gamble?


Taxman promises more help for elderly


Over 55s - One in 10 Pensioners Have Outstanding Debts


Banks not passing on low interest rates more

Pensions could be devalued by up to 20% more

Average pensioner struggling with £25,000 debt


Housing and Mortgages for Seniors

Here is a comprehensive consumer guide for the seniors community that
talks about the various approaches that can be used in getting a
mortgage and other similar topics. Click here to browse


State pension: The overhaul and you more




Care costs soar for the elderly

The Government has just announced a huge shake up in care costs which will result in more people paying for care in later life than ever before. more



'More UK workers have pensions'

More people in Britain are saving into a pension than anywhere else in Europe, it has been revealed.
Average workers in the UK start putting money aside from the age of 29, while the majority of French employees wait until 37 and those in Spain create pension pots at 36.

Overall, more than 50% of British workers are saving into a pension, which compares favourably to 48% in Germany, 47% in Italy and 41% in Spain.

But Italians are the most prolific savers, according to the GfK NOP research, typically adding £5,213 to their annual pension scheme. This is a slight increase on the £4,903 most British people are syphoning into their pensions every year.

GfK NOP completed the research on behalf of Axa, questioning 30,000 in several countries between March 3 and April 6.



Call for new pensions review body

A pensions group is calling for a new commission to be set up to review the state of the UK's retirement savings. more >>>


Half of motor insurers deny quote to over 80s

Half of motor insurers deny quote to over 80s new research reveals
Age discrimination remains rife in the insurance industry according to new independent research published today by Age Concern and Help the Aged.
more >>>


More pensioners releasing equity

The number of pensioners unlocking money from their home to repay debt has tripled during the past year, research has shown. more >>>


Benefit boost for 540,000 pensioners but millions still missing out

Hundreds of thousands of pensioners with small savings are in for a benefit boost. more >>>


If you have been thinking about an equity release scheme, visit Responsible Equity Release to browse through the plans most suited to your needs. Also, our eligibility calculator will let you know instantly whether you qualify for a SHIP registered lifetime mortgage.

The Budget - How it effects Pensioners. State Pension, Pension credit, Winter Fuel Payments, New year payment. more >>>

Equitable life pension compensation

Policy holders living in Europe who lost a chunk of their pension benefits due to the collapse of Equitable Life in 2000 are being asked to contact a European coordinator based in France. more >>>

Pensioners most hit by inflation

Age Concern has called for more help for pensioners, as new research suggests they are being hit harder by inflation rises than anyone else. more >>>

Capital Gains Tax - The New Rules

Last October Alistair Darling came out with new and radical proposals for the taxing of capital gains ('CGT'). Before 5 April 2008, higher rate taxpayers paid 40% CGT (the first 9,200 pounds of gains being exempt), but the Chancellor planned to introduce an 18% flat rate from 6 April 2008. more >>>

Markets take a panning while investors look for glitter in gold

Bold investors choosing a UK fund for their Mini Equity ISA (maximum £4,000), or a Maxi (£7,000) can expect rough weather for months. But this is an investment for five years, or at least three, and shares, long term, usually outperform cash in the bank or building society.
more >>>

There's an old saying "Ignorance is bliss." Where money is concerned ignorance is a disaster.

If you saw a £10 note lying in the gutter, you'd almost certainly pick it up. However, when it comes to investing, most people don't realise just how much money they're potentially losing by not keeping a close eye on their fund's performance. You can lose literally thousands of pounds a year by keeping your money in poorly performing ISAs, PEPs and Unit Trusts.
more >>>


The announcement by the Government last year that ISAs will be 'a permanent feature of the savings landscape' will, with luck, be the last time the government tinkers with the ISA rules. Personal Equity Plans will very sensibly be brought within the ISA wrapper. more >>>

Better performing investment funds

GREY POWER is a force to be reckoned with, with techno-savvy silver surfers sort out their money matters online
more >>>

Take advantage of tax efficient savings with your annual ISA allowance

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) were introduced in 1999 to replace Personal Equity Plans (PEPs). When you invest through an ISA, the income and growth are free of income and capital gains tax and you do not have to declare an ISA on your tax return.
more >>>

Retirement options made clear

When you retire, you can usually take part of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum. The remainder of your fund must be used to provide you with an income. If you have a money purchase pension, you can do this in various ways, for example using annuities or unsecured pension options. We explain briefly how they work and the things you need to consider before deciding which to choose.

Equity Release is here to stay

The anticipated boom in the equity release market did not materialise in 2006 as expected. However, there is a steady growth in the market which is widely predicted to mushroom as the population ages and pension provisions continue to fail to meet living expenses.

FSA acts over 'boiler room' scams by freezing assets

Boiler rooms are offices, often overseas, set up to sell shares to UK investors. They are not authorised by the FSA and act illegally by selling and promoting the sale of shares in the UK. Victims tend to be in their 50s aged and lose on average about £20,000.

Experienced investors are most common boiler room victims

The typical victim of an investment scam is a middle-aged professional male with considerable investment experience, according to an FSA survey

Click here to visit the 'Boiler scam' main page

Age rules on pensions postponed

The government has postponed part of new laws against age discrimination that relate to pension schemes.

How bad is the UK's pension crisis?

Investment returns have been a cause of concern
Every day seems to bring fresh warnings that Britons will not have enough money to live on when they retire.
more >>>

Q&A: What the pensions report means for you

Lord Turner says problems will worsen unless policy changes
The Pensions Commission has proposed a series of far-reaching reforms to the UK's pensions system. It says there are significant problems with the present situation, which will worsen unless action is taken.
more >>>

Your pension - retirement investing

You contribute to a pension scheme to ensure you have an income in retirement that'll keep you in the style to which you've become accustomed while working. But these days you may also need some income from another source. more...

Equity release plans criticised

Equity release schemes, which allow people to unlock money tied up in their property, have been criticised by the Which? consumer group. more >>>

Pension top-up limits to be lifted

If you have been paying attention to all the recent talk of a "pensions crisis" you may be worried you are not saving enough for your retirement. more >>>

Get ready for A-Day!

Make a note in your diary for 6 April 2006 - it could mark the turning point in the declining fortunes of the UK pension system. more >>>

Concern over older people's bills

A councillor has raised concern about the financial plight of older people on the day an elderly woman goes to court for not paying a £462 council tax bill.
more >>>

Reforming the state pension system

One of the leading figures in the UK pensions industry outlines her prescription for encouraging Britons to save more for their retirement.

Could you get by on £50 a week?

Nearly 900,000 pensioners are still living in what the government says is 'absolute poverty'. more

Pension reform: What other countries do

As the debate intensifies about the reform of pension provision in the UK, BBC News looks at the different approaches taken by other countries to the pensions crisis to see what lessons might be learned.

Q&A: Raising the state pension age

A political storm is brewing over proposals to raise the state pension age to 67 and link future rises in the pension to earnings rather than wages.

Benefit red tape cut for elderly

Thousands of pensioners got help in the pilot scheme
A scheme piloted in Kent to cut red tape for pensioners entitled to help with their council tax is being rolled out across the UK.

The financial exam maze explained

In the wake of a number of mis-selling scandals, an expert explains how you can you tell if your financial adviser has the right qualifications to meet your needs.

Dangers of brave new pension world

From April 2006, you will be able to put all sorts of things in a pension
From next April, the staid world of pensions is set to get just a little, well, exciting.

Finding out more about your pension

BBC News shows you how to go about finding out more about your pension. more

The Over 80 Pension

The Over 80 Pension is a State Pension for people aged 80 or over who have little or no State Pension. Unlike other State Pensions, it's not based on National Insurance contributions. more

Beginner's guide to money, tax & benefits

New Deal 50 plus

Tailor made for over 50s, New Deal 50 plus helps people find work, training, become self-employed and even set up their own businesses. more

Ask the expert: Pensions and property

BBC News Ask the Expert column gives readers a chance to have their financial questions answered. more

Pensionable age 'ought to be 67'

Britons should have to work until they are 67 before they receive a state pension, a new report has suggested. more

UK pension gap 'worse than US'

UK company pension schemes are four times more likely to be in deficit than US schemes, research has suggested. more

Firms staying quiet over pensions

Fewer than one in 15 job adverts mention if there is a workplace pension on offer, the TUC has found. more

Pension opt out costs savers cash

People who opted out of the state second pension (S2P) and paid money into a personal scheme may have lost out, the City watchdog has warned. more

Union anger over pensions plans

Local government workers could stage further strikes this autumn as part of union resistance to plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 65. more

Equity release mortgage plan

Prudential UK today launched its new industry-defining lifetime mortgage into a market in desperate need of true innovation. The new product is called the Prudential Property Value Release Plan and it’s different to competitors’ products. more

Top post office retirement savings offer for the over 50s

Over 50’s across the UK are losing out on millions of pounds of interest each year by hoarding their savings in their current accounts, according to new research by Post Office® Savings. more

Elderly must write for extra cash

Hundreds of thousands of pensioners may be missing out on extra cash because they do not tell the Pension Service when their savings go down. more...

Practical advice

When you think about moving house or going into care, the choices can seem overwhelming. Our experts explain it all, with tips on benefits, pensions, savings and writing a will.

Financial contacts - Pensions

If you have a question about your pension or want to know more about how pensions work, where can you get information? more...

Pension Protection Fund

Workers' pension rights should receive a boost on Wednesday when the Pensions Act 2004 comes into force. more...

Pension compensation fund begins

The government's Pension Protection Fund (PPF), which aims to compensate workers who lose out when employers go bust, came into force more...

Pension crisis: Will anyone fix it?

How the UK tackles the impending pension crisis is now a major topic of discussion. But will anyone have the guts to fix it in 2005? more...

Pension schemes face further cuts

Women are less confident than men when to comes to retirement saving more...

Pensioners marched in 1954

Exactly 50 years ago, pensioners marched on Westminster demanding a better state pension more...

Women's pensions

Free pensions helpline, the Pensions Advisory Service (Opas), has recently launched a dedicated service for women. more...

Mental capacity and Enduring Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a form of legal document that you can use to appoint someone of your choice to manage some or all your property and financial affairs on your behalf. This person is known as an attorney. more...

Savings and investments

It's only when the mortgage has been paid off, children have left home, pensions are sorted and all the insurance is in place that most people have money to save. Then it's a question of how best to put it to work. more...

All final salary pensions 'to go'

All final salary pension schemes in the private sector could close within five years, an industry body has warned. more...

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