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Original Gifts

Original & unique gift ideas & advice -

Looking for original gift ideas? Then you need to discover the fun, the creative, the original, the unusual, the handmade, the one-of-a-kind. A wedding gift doesn't have to be a toaster! All those long hours of study deserve some reward don't they? An original gift will never be forgotten and there are many sites offering something that bit different so you can give an original gift to that special person or couple.



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Original gifts





Offers a superb range of over 1100 unusual and original gifts for specific occasions including all anniversary and major birthday celebrations like Ruby Wedding Gifts.
  Historic Newspapers

Supplies genuine original archive Newspapers (not copies) from the date of your choice, from archives that go back over a hundred years.


These original Newspapers make the perfect gift to commemorate someone's Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Christening, Retirement or other special occasions.


All Newspapers come in presentation Gift packaging and with a personalised Certificate of Authenticity.

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Getting Personal

The UK’s premier web retailer of personalised and fun gifts.





The site to visit for all your gift needs, from Ferrari and rally driving days to hot air ballon rides and health spas. The site is easy to use, and has over 450 inspirational gift ideas to choose from.


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original gifts

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