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Open auction web site

Buying and selling locally, nationally, or globally is simple these days with online open auctions. You must use your common sense, though, and be guided by the experienced open auction web sites. If you are sensible, you can turn a lot of items that you no longer require into cash and thereby either simply de-clutter your home or raise cash towards something you have always wanted.


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eBay.co.uk is the largest online market place. There are millions of items for sale on the site.




Auction sites - Top tips

You can buy just about anything from an open on-line auction web site these days. If you have items you no longer need, you can also sell them in an open on-line auction. EBay is probably the most widely known, but Yahoo and Amazon also hold open auctions.
Here are a few tips and hints to make sure you successfully use the auction.


1. If there's a particular item you want, make sure you know it value beforehand. It is very easy to get carried away and pay more than the item is worth, so some homework is in order.

2. Remember the maxim "If something seems too good to be true - it probably is". You should be able to email a seller and ask them questions before you commit yourself to a bid.

3. Make sure the description is in full. If some information is not included, do not assume that it is unimportant. If you want to buy a camouflage jacket for a child, you don't want to find you've bought one to fit an action-man toy because the size was not clear!

4. Don't forget to allow for any delivery charges. These should be clearly stated at the beginning, or a seller may charge inflated delivery costs to increase their profit or to make up any shortfall in the final selling price.

5. Make sure the seller has a reputable history. The auction web sites are usually self-regulating and will give a seller a rating that indicates the satisfaction of other buyers.

6. Some auction sites will allow you to make an initial bid and then set an upper limit. This will mean you achieve your purchase for the least amount but can't overspend.

7. Don't be tempted to increase your bids by large amounts. If the seller requires a bid of "more than £10", you need only add a few pence. You could succeed with a bid of £10.10 rather than, say, £15. Also, be aware that some sellers will use fake bids in order to achieve a higher price. You may find yourself bidding against someone who has no intention of buying the item.

8. If you can stand the suspense, leave your bid till the last minute. You may be able to buy the item for a fraction over the last bidder. This does require some nerve if you are really keen to buy a particular item.

9. For additional security, use your credit/debit card to pay for the item and under no circumstances give anybody your full Bank details or PIN number.

10. Keep any correspondence until you receive your goods and are happy with them. You may find it difficult to contact the seller if you have lost their postal/email address and want to return the goods.

11. If you do have an unfortunate experience, be aware that any comment you make in your feedback is available to others and you may achieve a "reputation" yourself that will mean other sellers will avoid you!


1. Make sure you understand how the open auction site is run and what is expected from you as a seller. Different auctions will have different rules, but most have items they refuse to offer for sale. e.g. live animals.

2. Spend some time as a buyer to achieve a good reputation, that way buyers will be confident of bidding for your goods.

3. Look through the auction web site for the item you want to sell. If there are too many for sale, you may not be able to sell yours. Also, you can see what prices other sellers expect to receive and see if your asking price is reasonable.

4. Don't flood the market with too many of the same item. Supply and demand does work, so too many on offer will drive the price down.

5. Describe your goods fairly and accurately and, if possible, include a photograph. If there is any damage or a flaw, describe it. It is far better to be honest and retain a buyer than have a disappointed buyer who return goods to you as not being as they were described. This will also affect your reputation with the auction site.

6. Make sure your description will attract buyers by using "keywords". Buyers will search on certain words to find the items they want to buy, so make sure these words appear in your description.

7. Longer time scales may ensure you sell your goods, so make sure they run over evenings and weekends when most people will be browsing. Too short a time may mean you miss a sale.

8. Wrap your items securely for delivery and ensure that their value is covered by insurance, whether by the Post Office or a Courier company. If not, buy the insurance necessary to cover the value of the goods in case they either don't arrive or arrive broken.

9. Make life as easy as possible for a prospective buyer by offering a fast email response to questions and accepting credit card payment. Once an item is sold, send the item as soon as payment is received.

10. Retain copies of all the correspondence and proof of postage until you are sure the item has been received and the whole transaction has been completed to everyone's satisfaction.

With millions of items listed & traded daily, it's easy to find what you're looking for and bag a bargain on the world's online marketplace. Click here to get bidding!




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