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It's never too late to learn and the elderly can learn something new just for pleasure. Online learning as an over 50's adult is very different from the learning you may remember from school. You now have plenty of choices with taking classes to complete your human services degree or MBA online, you will control the speed you learn at and the way you learn. Different options are available on-line with offers of information and unbiased advice about all areas of online learning and leisure. But there may also be local organizations near you that hold courses.

complete your human services degree


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Learning online


National Institute of Adult Continuing Education

The leading non-governmental organisation
in England and Wales catering for the older senior person


Third age Trust

To encourage lifelong learning for those no longer in full time gainful employment.

The Internet's premiere free encyclopedia




Useful links:

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DegreeAdvantage.com: Online Degrees providing a directory of online degrees and adult education programs.

Reader's contribution:

Hello Mabels,

Long time since I was in touch, but I thought it worthwhile to drop you a note re: University degrees for us 'persons of a certain age', which may interest your over 50’s readers.

Both my wife and I have enrolled at Glamorgan University for a BA Hons degree in History. We were also accepted by Cardiff and Swansea.

The point is that mature students are accepted on the basis of life experience and not school academic prowess. I never took 'O' levels let alone 'A's. There are many  courses, its just that we fancied History.
All sorts of bursaries and grants are available (especially in Wales) and the Universities are very helpful, crying out for mature students.

There is a web site which tells all. (Just type Mature Students UK into Google or other browser)
It stops the old grey cells atrophying and gives us lot a chance to do something that we always wanted to do when young but for one reason or another couldn't.

All for now
Best Regards
Chris (Kit) Chapman

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