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Nostalgic Entertainment

Find instant access below to best resources for nostalgic entertainment

Traditionally, nostalgia has been associated with older generations, with those who find the modern pace of change overwhelming and who reminisce about old times when life was simpler and "we did things differently". Rekindle your natural passion for life, love and health with nostalgic memories and photographs from all over Britain. Reminiscences of wartime UK, and memorable events from throughout the 1900s.


Latest articles ..

The Increasing Popularity of Genealogy Search - Wondering where you came from? Or who your ancestors are? Genealogy search has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are beginning to wonder about their family line and what it would feel like to add some meaning to their heritage. Read more

Rare and original movie memorabilia beats traditional markets. more [image] More button

The oldies are still the best-just!

Help scientists create the biggest database of autobiographical Beatles related memories ever attempted by taking part in the magical memory tour. more [image] More button

10 not-so-great things about the 1950s

A land of bus conductors, district nurses and rag-and-bone men is the image of life in the 1950s, to which many want to return, suggests a survey. Was post-war Britain really all good? more [image] More button

Sea life - Board of Trade Acquaintances

Any Seafarer knows that the months cooped up with other men inside steel boxes have their compensations, as well as their drawbacks. It's an instant Brotherhood of sorts; a team of usually like-minded souls bound together come hell or high water.
more [image] More button

Joining & Leaving

There are two particular agonies that occur in a Seafarers life and neither has anything to do with loss of life or shifting cargo. more [image] More button

Wives & Sweethearts

The wife's perception of her seafaring husband can contrast totally with his shipmates' view. The very nature of his calling is instrumental in fostering this concept. It's an unnatural life in essence for a married family man, and a Seaman's wife has to be a very special person to accommodate the 'on off' relationship required when her husband spends over half his married life away from home. more [image] More button

Let's Go the Nice Way Round

I always preferred General Cargo ships. I always felt you always met a nicer class of chap. Notice I didn't say better class of chap, that's a different story. No, just tramping round the world, taking your time, ensconced with a sociable set of like minded blokes was a nice way to spend half your life. more [image] More button

MY CORNWALL - Acceptance

"It's a crate of bloody cauliflower," I shouted.
"A what?" said Laura, my Russian wife as she pulled her dressing gown cord tight and walked into the hall from the kitchen.
I pointed downwards towards the open front door step. more [image] More button

The Foot Woman

It all started with an in growing toe nail, and a very painful one at that. At least that's what my dear wife, Laura, told me and she should know as it was her nail that was doing all the in-growing. The doctor had done his bit, the out-patients department at the local hospital had done theirs, and I had done all the house work while Madam had barked out orders from a reclining chair. more [image] More button

Cornish Antiques

I wasn't particularly looking for Janner when I wandered into the Trevelyan Arms for a pint of Geoffrey's old and filthy. I was actually having a hard time with the Telegraph crossword, not an unusual occurrence. more [image] More button

Journeys Taken on Mother's Knee by Kit Chapman

As the crow flies it was a hundred and forty four miles from our village in Staffordshire to Sydenham in London. Nothing these days. Jump into the car and zoom up the Motorway, with perhaps only a stop for a coffee at the Rank Services to break the journey. more [image] More button

Brick Walls & Vimto by Kit Chapman

An illustration of times past, when drinking in the country Pub meant just that. When father and son built a relationship, not learned at mother's knee.Cast your mind back, if you're old enough, and see if you can remember this scenario. It could be anywhere in the country and it lasted some forty years, from the nineteen twenties to the mid sixties. more [image] More button


Press releases..
A 1950's childhood

A well known television company is making a series for ITV West about people's 1950'S memories of the West Country as children. more >>>

Wartime Love
Testimony Films, a well known television company is making a series for UK TV History about the loves and losses people faced in the 2nd World War. If you have a dramatic story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.
more >>>



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The Time Capsule website - Your memories online!




The Time Capsule is a fantastic opportunity for all generations to share their memories on a communal website.


A growing archive of wartime memories
Sign in to add your story or that of your family. more...

On this day


On This Day is a showcase of some of the most significant as well as some of the quirkier stories broadcast by BBC News since 1950 and now including a new World War II section.


Look back at other people's fond memories of their rare old times



Past Times Project


For finding past friends, for exploring the library of people's preserved lifestories and memories, for finding heritage attractions to visit, for seeking missing genealogical links, for seeking answers to questions about the past, for seeking lost persons, and also for seeking a companion.


Greasy Spoon (1950s)



80s Nostalgia




This is where nostalgia comes in, in the form of a nostalgic entertainment. To transfer them back to the experiences, places and people of their past times, the highs and lows of a spectacular journey through life with all its anniversaries.


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