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Nostalgia -
To maintain those bygone times

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Places to visit



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Historic inflation calculator: how the value of money has changed since 1900

This calculator uses official UK inflation data to show how prices have changed and what money used to be worth. Click here



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The one-stop resource for all your over 50 needs that helps you make the most out of life.
There are always reasons to contact an old friend. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or just because, everyone loves receiving a hampers gift. If an old memory makes you think of someone from your childhood make sure to let them know!


Take a hint from the past...


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Try the FREE surname search at Origins.net and trace your origins online


A main source for authentic English genealogy records online


Click here for best online access to antiques, auctions , history, heritage & genealogy



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Nostalgic Gifts


Images, hauntingly beautiful music or the sheer beauty of certain scenery. A feast of recognition or a pain killer for the homesick, this is where nostalgia comes in, in the form of a traditional gift for the elderly. To transfer them back to the experiences, places and people of their more energetic years, the highs and lows of a spectacular journey through life with all its anniversaries. More...

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Nostalgic Entertainment

Traditionally, nostalgia has been associated with older generations, with those who find the modern pace of change overwhelming and who reminisce about old times when life was simpler and "we did things differently". Rekindle your natural passion for life, love and health with nostalgic memories and photographs from all over Britain. Reminiscences of wartime UK, and memorable events from throughout the 1900s. More...



Click here for best online access to many nostalgic memories & general nostalgic entertainment.


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Places to visit

An Englishman's home is his castle and there are numerous castles & other historical places to visit in the UK. Britain's historic houses, castles, gardens and parkland are amongst the most visited tourist attractions in the country. Many of these are in private ownership - lived in and cared for by private individuals and families, often descendants of the people who built them. These historical places include spectacular palaces, grand and architecturally important historic houses and smaller manor houses surrounded by beautiful gardens. Here are some sites to help you choose your next historical place to visit and to help you decide when to go.

English Heritage have overseas heritage breaks in association with Saga which are perfect for people with a passion for history both in England and further afield. For historical places to visit from classical Sicily to the magnificent Russian capitals, these holidays offer a unique opportunity to explore connections between our own heritage and the archaeology, architecture, gardens and art of other nations. More...

Click here for online access to places to visit



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Traditional goods

"Bygone" by definition is - "gone before, past, an item from an earlier time". So bygones are things from our past; and if you want them back, maybe, you could find one for yourself. It might be a small collectible item or a large antique, but wouldn't it be nice to see an old friend again, something that you thought was gone forever? More...




Click here for best online access to traditional goods.


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"I refer to your site regularly and have now recommended it to my parents to use for their hobbies & holidays" Eric Downes,Wiltshire

Nostalgia means different thing to different people, but essentially nostalgia relates to old times. Nostalgic memories may show themselves in our collecting items of interest such as coins, antiques and crafts or in antique dealing, craft supplies or traditional goods - in fact any collectible. To others a nostalgic pastime includes learning more about our ancestry, genealogy, history or heritage.


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