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A collection of Nostalgia resources in a nutshell to bring back those nostalgic & nostalgia times

The nostalgia page

"Nostalgia" by definition is - "gone before, past, an item from an earlier time". So nostalgia are things from our past; and if you want nostalgia back, maybe, you could find one for yourself. It might be a small collectible item or a large antique, but wouldn't it be nice to see an old friend again, some nostalgia that you thought was gone forever?

Nostalgia means different thing to different people, but essentially nostalgia relates to bygone times. Nostalgic & nostalgia memories may show themselves in our collecting items of interest such as coins, antiques and crafts or in antique dealing, craft supplies or traditional goods - in fact any collectible. To others a nostalgia pastime includes learning more about our ancestry, genealogy, history or nostalgia in heritage.

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