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2. If you feel that you deserve a hair-do, massage, manicure, foot massage, etc., have you thought of trying your local college?

The student may take a little longer to complete the procedure, but it will cost a fraction of the 'high street' charge. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that in a few months' time that same student will be joining the professional market and charging a 'high street' price.

3. When you feel in need of a new outfit, before you visit the usual fashion chain stores, why not peruse the charity shops en route?

You'll possibly pick up something that is unique to you for the price equal to that of a coffee and sandwich. Also many Charity Shops now have a 'designer rail' where well-made outfits can be purchased at a fraction of the original price.
This time of the year is a particularly good time to visit Charity Shops, as often the unwanted gifts make an appearance.

4. Have you visited your local Library lately?

If not, you'll be surprised how they have changed. Libraries are not just about books. They provide DVDs, videos, CDs, language tapes, etc. So instead of buying DVDs and CDs why not borrow them from the Library? Also why not borrow an audio book or foreign language course and enjoy and learn whilst carrying out mundane household tasks.
By the way, the internet service is free at Libraries.

5.I have just taken out RAC Membership for a year and it has not cost me a penny, and last year I purchased an item of furniture from MFI and that also didn't cost me a penny. How, you may ask??? ….


Click here

Easy, just exchange the money vouchers issued by Tesco in respect of their Club Card points. www.tesco.com/clubcard As mentioned in a previous article - use their Visa card instead of cheques or cash (for any purchases anywhere, not just at Tesco's) and it's amazing how quickly the points accrue. HOWEVER, I MUST EMPHASISE, ONCE AGAIN, THAT IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE COMPLETE VISA BALANCE IS CLEARED EACH MONTH, AND TO THIS END IT IS ADVISABLE TO SET UP THE DIRECT DEBIT METHOD WITH YOUR BANK YOU WILL CERTAINLY NOT SAVE MONEY IF YOU PAY ONLY THE MINIMUM BALANCE REQUESTED ON YOUR MONTHLY STATEMENT. THAT IS THE WAY THAT THE YOUNG GET INTO DEBT, AND WE KNOW BETTER DON'T WE? When we use a Visa card we must remember to use it for things we would NORMALLY BUY and treat it as though we were using cash.
And talking of Tesco's or any other major supermarket for that matter . . .

6. Have you thought about ordering your groceries on the internet and enjoying the luxury of having them delivered to your door at a time convenient to you?

If there is a charge for delivery, it will probably be outweighed by the amount of money we have saved through not 'impulse buying'. Isn't it amazing how we go into the supermarket in order to get a few essentials and stagger out with a trolley overflowing with bargains?? It is worth remembering when we are strolling around the supermarket that every aisle and every item has been strategically placed to increase sales.







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