5 money saving tips for tackling limescale in the bathroom
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5 money saving tips
for tackling limescale
in the bathroom




Your bathroom at home will be one of the most frequently cleaned rooms in your house but a common issue is how to keep your sink, bath or shower looking clean as cheap as possible. Bathroom cleaning chemicals can be expensive and costly, especially if you live a hard water area and suffer from hard water problems such as limescale build-up on sinks, taps and shower doors. There are ways to tackle hard water in your home and eliminate limescale whilst saving money at the same time and they are as follows:


The Solution


Eliminating hard water in your home can be cheaply eradicated if you install a water softener. A water softener or an electronic water conditioner like scalewatcher.co.uk will help remove limescale and prevent further buildup. This helps to limit the total amount of bathroom cleaning that is required, but routine cleaning is still necessary.


Keeping the sink or bath in your bathroom clean can also be achieved by using a few money saving tips although nothing will beat installing a water softener:


Save Cash


The use of harsh cleaners that will cost you excessive amounts of money are not the best choice if your goal is to save money. You may be tempted to buy these products because of their convenience. This is due to the ease of use provided by cleaning solutions in a spray bottle. If you want to save money, then purchase a spray bottle or use one you have at home with dish soap and warm water. You also need to have a scrub brush on hand and access to some common products around your home.


Baking Soda


This is a good way to scrub the inside of a sink or tub clean by using a natural product. You can do this if you have hard water or even soft water. The goal is to remove light stains and other deposits that can appear on the surface. This will require shaking a bit of baking soda around the inside of the sink. Add a small amount of water to create a paste. Scrub lightly with your brush and then rinse the sink.




If the drain of your sink begins to show signs of lime scale, then vinegar can be used as a cleanser to get the drain clean. You need to pour one-half cup of baking soda into the drain and then pour one-half cup of vinegar to create a reaction. A foam will be produced that needs to set for about 5 minutes. Rinse the solution down the drain with warm water. This can also be a solution to clean a toilet to keep it looking like new.


Lemon Juice


The acidity in lemon makes it a good alternative to bleach for cleaning a bathroom. Stains that are in a tub or sink can easily be cleaned if you apply lemon juice to any bad areas. Scrub the stain by using the scrub brush until it goes away. You can use lemon juice to clean the inside of the toilet with one-third cup of lemon juice and two-thirds cup of borax.


Regular cleaning will prevent you from spending excess time or spending money on cleaning products to complete the job. If you want to reduce problems caused by hard water, then consider water softener or an electronic water conditioner.










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