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Memory improvement techniques & advice - Remember What You Can In Quick and Easy Steps

When people age; memorization becomes a tedious task for some. Tasks which require remembering and retention have always been and will be the issue for people growing older, especially the ones who haven't spent most of their years in retaining much information.

There are outside factors which contribute highly to the decline of what had been good memorization ability.

The age among groups of people already could determines factors whether a person's memory is declining or not. But even when a person reaches the age of 50 and above, his ability to recall is unquestionable. Although recognition could become a bit hazy at times, the overall ability of a person suffering from factors caused by age is still commendable. The other major factors that could cause memory failure in a person are the stereotype threats. People expect to lose their memory as they get older.

Memorization exercises are useful and helpful for older people because a person's innate ability to learn and develop doesn't come to a complete halt just because of age. If the person has given up learning and memorizing for good, then, it is another factor we can consider causing memory decline.

Older people are sometimes unable to process "quick-thinking" and because of this, they tend to learn slowly compared to younger adults. This means that memorization technique helps older adults better in memorization tasks because they are able to process learning in a lengthy manner, making it possible for them to concentrate longer on a single information before moving on to the next. This results in careful and repetitive learning which leads to effective memorization enhancement.

This is also the same reason why Mnemonics aren't difficult or tiresome activities; in fact, it's as if there's no pressure when doing the actual memorization because of how simple and pleasant the steps can be. An example of a mnemonic method is the Loci System.

A good scenario when loci system can be effectively used is when a person has several items or a list needed for immediate remembering. The first important thing to remember when using the loci method is the familiarization of a place and the correct order of locations of the chosen place. It could be the dining room, bedroom or kitchen at home or a favorite route in the park. It doesn't matter where, as long as the location can be easily recalled accurately by the doer.

Let's say, the specific locations are the parking lot, pond, willow tree and the benches in the park. So, let's pretend the items are umbrella, dog food, cell phone and picnic basket. To associate the items, visualize strongly hundreds of open umbrellas falling down on the parking lot as you find a space where you could park. Next, as you pass by the pond, you pick up the usual dog food to feed the fish followed by the big willow tree bearing cell phones for fruits and lastly, as you sat by the benches, a picnic basket approaches and sells you what is inside it. Each time you visit the park or any other place you're strongly familiar with; you can immediately associate the specific locations with any items you need to remember.
When using this method, it's better to imagine objects in familiar places in bizarre or amusing ways because it helps a lot in retaining information.


Memory improvement

How to improve your memory
It's never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. Learn the natural techniques and never forget an important event or a person's name anymore.


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