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Memory exercises

Share Linking Stories With Your Brain

When was the last time you have been literally active with
memorization? Before you answer that, try to think about the ways
you keep your mind actively healthy. This means you use memory
methods for improvement and you put your brain to rest when it's

To maintain a healthy memory, it's strongly recommended to get a
good night sleep, do regular exercise and to expose your brain to
good mental activities.

It doesn't end there; treat your brain to good mind exercises like
taking on a few mnemonic techniques. Try for example the Link
method. This method isn't difficult at all but works amazing in
improving your memorization skills. You don't have to use
complicated examples; just start with very simple ones using
objects lying around your house.

washing machine, banana, jewelry box, window

A simple example would be to take the four items above and relate
them to each other. The goal here is to remember each item in the
list in the same order. So what happens is you think about a
washing machine first. Imagine that you're turning on the washing
machine and you are surprised to see that a banana is splitting
itself in the water inside the machine. You try to catch the banana
but it's too slippery for you and it manages to fly out of the
machine knocking over your jewelry box. Scared out of its wits, the
jewelry box flapped its way to the window and out of sight.

A simple situation like this, appeals more to your memory since
it's filled with spontaneous motion. It allows you to focus not
only on the objects, but what happens next in the scenario. Repeat
the story and you'll realize that you can retell it in the correct

Click below to learn more about memorizing using the Link method
and other memory improvement techniques:


Memory improvement

How to improve your memory
It's never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. Learn the natural techniques and never forget an important event or a person's name anymore.



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