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Linking Objects Through Mnemonics


In using mnemonics, it's important that you prepare your brain to
different sorts of ideas and images since mnemonics works on your
creativity while you enhance your memorization skills. It's
interesting to know that the sillier or outrageous an idea is, the
easier the mind is able to absorb it.

A good mnemonic you can try is the Link method. Incorporate all the
absurdity you can think of here because with the Link method, it'll
require your imagination to work. Pretend you need to remember the
following: cell phone, socks, flour and a ball. Now the idea with
link method is to have all the items interlinked together in one
situation and location. This approach makes remembering easier
because all the things that you need are already in one setting.

First, try to think of your cell phone by the window. It suddenly
rings but you're not around so a pair of socks hanged just outside
the window stretches itself to reach the cell phone but fails to do
so. The cell phone falls in the first floor window and smashes a
pot of flour. As flour residue scatters in the air, a nearby ball
coughs and from there it starts to bounce around the entire room
damaging everything.

Go ahead, work a little on your imagination and see what you're
capable of.

Click below to learn more about memorizing using the Link method
and other memory improvement techniques:


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