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Memorizing Numbers


Mnemonics are a set of effective methods that improve a person's
memorization capability.

There are various methods of mnemonics which can be used according
to a person's preference. If you are targeting to improve
memorization with numbers, there is the Number-Rhyme method for
simple sets of numbers. If you would like to test your knack on
long numbers, you can try methods such as the Major system or the
Dominic Method.

But let's not complicate things. Consider the phone numbers of
major business establishments. A 1-800-TIP-HELP number isn't just
there so you have something to read. It's made to be that way so
just in case you forget the actual numbers, the letters are there
to help you. Since phone buttons have letters on them, you don't
need the exact numbers. These are called telephone number mnemonics.

If numbers aren't your specialty, you can use a mnemonic called the
Number-Rhyme method. The idea here is to simply find a rhyming
object (for better imagination) and match it to the number.

Ex. Eight = Crate; Nine = Pine; Ten = Hen

If there's a need for you to memorize sets of numbers, try
imagining the words the numbers are rhymed to so your imagination
works together with you. This way, you won't be too trapped with
just plain numbers. Imagining crates under pine trees which open
and then Hens come out would help you better to absorb the old
boring numbers you have to deal with. It's also a great way to keep
your mind active since imagination is a big contributor.

Click below to learn more about memorizing using the Number-Rhyme
method and other memory improvement techniques:


Memory improvement

How to improve your memory
It's never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. Learn the natural techniques and never forget an important event or a person's name anymore.



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