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Memorization methods..
Take A Snapshot and Memorize

There are so many factors in life which could easily affect a
person's memorization ability. We may not know all of it
consciously but with the fast-paced life that everyone is living
now, we could be doing something already that silently harms our

As many of you are already aware, keeping your brain active by
playing puzzles and word games everyday helps battle memorization
decline. It even enriches your vocabulary and the way you think.
Other mind-enriching exercises are I.Q tests, use of flash cards,
memory tests, eating good food and of course mnemonics. As
described, mnemonics is simply a tool, an aid to helping a person
enhance his memory capabilities.

Using mnemonics doesn't limit you. It gives you various methods to
choose from. The best part in using mnemonics as well is that it
doesn't forcibly use a type of mnemonic method just because you
prefer to learn this way or that way; you can choose which one
you'd like most or you can use them all.

An example is the Snapshot technique. It's a mnemonic that lets you
work on visual images you could create. This is an easy method to
use especially if you're the type that imagines most of the time.
Let's say we want to remember a hose, dog, tortoise and pool.

The goal here is to associate all four items in one scene; just
like in a movie. Imagine a hose spraying water on a dog for
crossing over the lawn, the dog is startled and as it runs, it
stumbles on a tortoise. The tortoise wants to give the dog a lesson
for the disturbance it caused, so the tortoise jumps in the pool
tugging the dog along.

Since you have all the items in one scenario, it isn't too
difficult to take it all in.

Click below to learn more about memorizing using the SnapShot
method and other memory improvement techniques:


Memory improvement

How to improve your memory
It's never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. Learn the natural techniques and never forget an important event or a person's name anymore.


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