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Memory exercises -

Improve Focus for Better Memory

Mnemonics, for one thing, is a good way to exercise your brain and
keep it fit.

If your goal is to become more efficient with the way you handle
mental tasks, then memorization exercises are just what you need.
When you try to ingest information to your mind, you need to focus
directly on something so you can easily create meaning between
unrelated objects.

Try the snapshot method for example. This memorization procedure
requires you to become extra creative and there is a need for you
to retain each detail you can.

This is how it goes. Pretend you are packing for a short vacation
back home. Your family has been calling to tell you what to bring
them. Your flight is scheduled for tomorrow morning and you don't
have enough time to sit down and think about the items you could be
missing. Hold on to the important thoughts in your head by keeping
an image of each of them.

Things to bring home:
Basketball jersey for your younger brother
A pair of high heeled shoes for your younger sister
The latest cookbook for your mom
The fishing rod you bought last summer for your dad

Notice that the items are not related to each other. For this, you
can use the members of your family to become the associating bridge
between the items, so you can remember each of them.

First, think of a basketball court. Then you see your younger
brother chasing after running jerseys. The jerseys scattered and
returned wearing high heels while your younger sister appears out
of nowhere and starts to pull out all the best pairs of high heels
she could spot. The jerseys on high heeled shoes run away and both
your brother and sister almost had a fight but your mom is too fast
for them. She places the cookbook in front of them and pulls out
all the great food from the book. Just as they are about to eat; a
fishing line suddenly swings in, the hook clings on to the food and
slowly it moves towards the location where it came from, only to
find out that your dad is the one reeling the food in.

The scenario above is enough to keep your imagination going since
it makes you visualize objects that are completely non-related with
each other. A good thing about the snapshot technique is that it
lets your imagination run wild without forcing you to do it.

Focus on one thing and let one item lead you to the next, allowing
you to completely familiarize yourself with objects in a list
without forced memorization.

Click below to learn more about memorizing using Focusing and the
Snapshot Method and other memory improvement techniques:

Memory improvement

How to improve your memory
It's never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. Learn the natural techniques and never forget an important event or a person's name anymore.


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