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Heat therapy products...Mobility uk products from mabels

Easy to use, deep heat therapy




These heat therapy products have been extensively researched online to give you:

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Info -

Significant benefits can be enjoyed by continuous low level heat therapy for short term relief of pain caused by common conditions such as osteoarthritis & tendonitis. In all treated patients in a study, researchers noted significant benefits of heat therapy on multiple symptoms of pain.
Studies have demonstrated that low-level heat wrap therapy reduced pain by 46 percent in patients with pain caused by common conditions such as sprains, strains, tendonitis osteoarthritis and other common forms of pain due to activities.
Treated patients have reported a significantly greater increase in grip strength, while significantly greater reduction in joint stiffness was only observed among the patients whose symptoms were consistent with pain from common activities.
The favourable responses observed in pain from common activities could be explained by the incremental abilities of heat therapy to increase blood flow and improve nerve conduction velocity, which may help reduce inflammation in the area and reduce symptom severity. more...







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