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Hearing phone test

How's your hearing?

RNID launches its 'Breaking the Sound Barrier' campaign

The world's largest hearing phone test has been launched on 19 December to reach out to the 4 million people in the UK who are losing their hearing but doing nothing about it.

It is part of 'Breaking the Sound Barrier,' a bold new campaign from leading charity RNID, to change attitudes towards hearing loss and hearing aids. It follows a specially commissioned Ipsos MORI survey that shows almost half of adults in Britain believe that embarrassment about not being able to hear prevents people with hearing difficulties discussing their problem with others, or having a hearing test.

When questioned by Ipsos MORI about their own hearing difficulties, 70 per cent of those with hearing problems who had not consulted a hearing specialist or GP. said this was because they hadn't considered their hearing 'bad' enough to seek help.

When questioned about why people might not address their hearing difficulties, the public in general are most likely to say that 'embarrassment' is the key reason for failure to consult others or have a hearing test (46 per cent). Over a quarter (27 per cent) say this is because people with hearing difficulties worry other people would think they were getting old if they wore a hearing aid, and one in five (20 per cent) say the reason is that people with hearing difficulties are concerned people would look at them and treat them differently if they wore a hearing aid.

HRH The Countess of Wessex launched the campaign, which includes the specially developed hearing check that can be taken over the telephone by calling 0845 600 55 55.

RNID's Chief Executive Dr John Low explains: "Over 50% of people over the age of 60 have some level of hearing loss which happens naturally as we get older. But it can have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives, leaving many of us feeling isolated and out of touch with family, friends and colleagues. This campaign sets out to address these important issues and reconnect millions of ordinary people back to society."

RNID developed the telephone hearing test, which features TV personality Eamonn Holmes, and has been validated by audiology experts. Other celebrities backing the campaign include Sir Cliff Richard, Claire Rayner, Alan Titchmarsh and popular historian David Starkey.

Sir Cliff Richard, says: "Clear hearing has been something I've always depended on in my professional life, and I'm delighted that RNID has launched its telephone hearing check so that we can all get a clearer picture of our level of hearing. I'd urge everyone to support Breaking the Sound Barrier by taking the hearing check. It could change your life for the better."

For more information on a hearing phone test, hearing aids and everything you wanted to know about hearing loss, RNID has published 'The Essential Guide' exclusively for its members. For information on how you can get a copy, visit www.rnid.org.uk/join or email [email protected]

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