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All the latest over 50's news from the top news rooms
Over 50's news
Over 50's latest news and updates
over 50s news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news


Why dental implants are the best
solution for missing teeth


What's it like staying in a private hospital?


Me and My Knees at 58


How can carers prepare themselves to cope with the symptoms of dementia?


Shower Chairs for the Elderly Can Improve Quality of Life



Staying Physically Healthy and Fighting Signs of Aging more


Dementia Support - Actions Changing Attitudes.


Reducing the strain on carers by improving independence


What Causes Back Pain in the Elderly?


Dementia Patients May Have Found Hope in Music


New research on Saw palmetto


How to Preserve Your Eyesight


What to do and eat to improve your health


What are the symptoms of bowel cancer more


Incontinence in Women over 50:What causes it? more


Our metabolism slows down as we get older so it's important to keep moving. more


Extended life pill: 'Miracle supplement' promises to fight the signs of ageing more


'We can live to 150 and stay healthy': Professor says first 'wonder drugs' could be ready this decade. more


A Health Guide for Every Decade of a Man's Life more


UK scientists advise cutting salt intake more


We've frozen time! Read how these women defied ageing? more


5 supplements that can improve the health of your bones and joints more


Age Myopia. What can we learn from the UK care home crisis? more


Drugs being developed to target CJD could help tackle Alzheimer's more


Being overweight 'linked to dementia' more


Coronation Street actress Rula Lenska on her hearing loss

She is speaking out about her battle with hearing loss for the first time, as she launches a nationwide search for deaf and hard of hearing high achievers. more


Welcome to Surgery Overseas

Surgery Overseas connects you with leading international healthcare providers. Whether you are looking for cosmetic surgery abroad, tummy tuck, a hip replacement in India or just a health check up, we can help to get you started.

Simply use our search engine to find healthcare providers that support your medical procedure. more


Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk'

A small daily dose of aspirin - 75mg - substantially reduces death rates from a range of common cancers, a study suggests.

Unique online Medical Alert ID service
Allows anybody, anywhere in the world to keep a secure and up-to-date on-line record of their current medical needs and more.



Nicola Sturgeon: Drop in C diff cases among over 65s is promising but we must stay vigilant

THE number of elderly people being diagnosed with the Clostridium difficile hospital bug has almost halved. more

Eggs are a 'superfood' packed with nutrients, new research finds
Also, dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton talks about the benefit of eggs to older adults.

Superdrug could eradicate Alzheimer's and let us live to 100

Scientists are on the brink of developing a long-life super-drug which could spell the end for Alzheimer's and diabetes whilst allowing people to live into their 100s.
[image] More button


The utensils keeping frail people eating independently

Designer Gregor Timlin's maternal grandmother was the backbone of her family.For her, cooking was a pleasure and a joy and she kept her independence as long as possible. But sadly this is not the case for some of the UK's elderly and frail.

About 700,000 people in the UK have dementia, and more than a third of these live in care homes. Crockery, tableware and even the tables themselves are in most cases not designed for the less able. more [image] More button

How Safe are your Medications?

Free service that alerts patients of possible medication and drug interactions that can be harmful to their health. It takes less than a minute to get informed. more [image] More button


Health timebomb hits baby boomers

Over-60s suffer more illnesses caused by bad diet and lack of exercise

They were the first to enjoy free health care, and had the time of their lives in the Swinging Sixties.

But the post-war 'baby boomers' are now paying the price.
Today's 60-year-olds are the first modern generation to be less healthy than their immediate predecessors. more


Eat These Treats, Live Longer

Getting older is inevitable. But how fast you get there is almost completely in your hands. So start putting on the brakes by eating more of these: nuts and berries.

Research shows that foods high in vitamin E (like almonds) and vitamin C (like strawberries) may help slow aging on a cellular level. more


Delay retirement to help ward off Alzheimer's disease, scientists say

As millions face the prospect of extending their working lives to fund pensions, scientists have come up with a silver lining.
Retiring later can delay the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, their research suggests. more >>>

Pressure to grow old beautifully drives over-50s to anorexia

Anorexia used to be regarded as a teenagers' disease. But now, the prevalence of youthful-looking older celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Madonna is being linked to a rise in the number of women in their 50s being treated for anorexia and other eating disorders. more [image] More button

Do you believe that certain foods that resemble the parts of the body they are supposed to help keep healthy really work? more [image] More button


A beginner's guide to essential strength exercises for the 50's age group onwards who want to be FIT FOR LIFE more [image] More button

Health Diagnostics - find peace of mind in Poland.

Before you book an appointment at your local clinic, you might want to find out what's on offer in Poland.
[image] More button

Dentistry in Poland - Something to Smile About.

The thought of travelling to another country to visit a dentist may seem excessive, however for many dental patients, it is the only way that they can get treatment that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. In Poland, for example, the cost of treatment in a top private clinic can cost up to 70% less than in the United Kingdom.
more [image] More button

Spa breaks & resorts in Poland

If you have always fancied a relaxing spa break, but been put off by the price, or are simply looking for a different type of short break, Poland might just be the ideal destination for you.
more [image] More button

Medical surgery abroad -

Dental and medical treatment certainly costs a lot less abroad, but surely you get what you pay for? Alison Hope of StatMedica looks at some of the reasons why patients are packing their bags and reaching for their passports, and also offers practical tips and advice for anyone considering treatment abroad. more [image] More button

The daily super pill all men over 50 should take to avoid heart attacks

All men over 50 should take a "polypill" to cut heart attacks and strokes, says the Government's leading cardiac expert. It would contain a cholesterol-busting statin, aspirin and drugs to cut blood pressure.
more [image] More button

The health benefits and ingredients of CHO-WA

For centuries in Japan only the direct decendants of the Tiger Shogun were given access to this incredible health formula, CHO-WA. more [image] More button

Depression in elderly people

Getting older brings many advantages: wisdom, patience, contentment... But it also brings negatives, especially as our bodies become less able to do what they once did. Perhaps it's no wonder depression is common among the elderly. more >>>

How the healthcare system works in England

The National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948 to provide free healthcare for all the residents of the UK. more >>>

Mental health link to diet change

Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says. more >>>

Concern over womb cancer increase

More women with womb cancer are surviving the disease, but cases among the over 60s are increasing, cancer experts say. more >>>

Can elders grow old with dignity?

Do we give enough care and attention to our senior citizens?

Malnutrition 'time bomb' warning

The sick and elderly are particularly prone to malnutrition
Europe's ageing population means more will die of malnutrition unless urgent action is taken, warns a charity.













Your sight as you age
If your sight seems to be failing, it's vital to see your doctor early on. This is very important with a sudden loss of vision. Often the problem affecting your vision will be curable as long as you seek help as soon as possible. more

Cancer: The facts
One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our life.
The disease tends to affect older people - but can strike at any time.

Heart disease & stroke
The UK has one of the highest rates of death from heart disease in the world - one British adult dies from the disease every three minutes - and stroke is the country's third biggest killer, claiming 70,000 lives each year.

Alzheimer's clue in animal words
A quick word test may allow simpler, earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study.

Ageing Britain: Your views
People in Britain are living longer to such an extent that by 2025 a fifth of the population will be over 65. more

Are we destined for a frail old age?
Most people would jump at the chance of living longer. After spending 40 years working the thought of a long, relaxing retirement seems appealing.

'We will be able to live to 1,000'
Life expectancy is increasing in the developed world. But Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey believes it will soon extend dramatically to 1,000. Here, he explains why. more





Aspirin-a-day call for over 50s

Men and women aged 50 and over should consider taking aspirin to reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes, experts have suggested. more

Sex as you get older

It's perfectly normal for you to enjoy an active sex life once you reach middle age and beyond. However, it's also normal to feel less interested as you get older. more


It's worth looking seriously at managing your health to ensure you get the best out of your medical care in the years ahead. more

7 Common Things That Rapidly Deteriorate Your Vision

I've included one of the "7 Essential Vision Improvement Techniques" that is taught in the Vision for Life program. These 7 techniques are simple yet incredibly powerful ways that you can help save your eyesight from further deterioration! more

Senior Health care and well-being for the over 50's

Being over 50 does not have to mean declining health, nor declining fitness! Being active gives you more stamina, stronger muscles, a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, a lower risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones), and improved posture - as well as making you feel and look better. It also boosts your energy levels and your confidence. more...

Foods to Fight Disease

When it comes to food, we can't ignore the facts - or the science. You need a healthy diet for a healthy life.
Research shows a healthy diet could help or prevent a number of health problems, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. And that number keeps growing as researchers learn more about how nutrition affects your health. more...


As promised, here is an over-view of the main essential vitamins and minerals, BUT, rather than take them in isolation it is better to take a good multi-vitamin and mineral tablet aimed specifically at the over 50s. more...

The Bird Flu Virus

A fatal strain of bird flu has recently infiltrated human populations in Vietnam and Thailand. The result of this merging might result in a new, highly infectious, rapidly fatal flu virus. Such a new virus would be transmitted rapidly from person to person with potentially devastating results. more...

Nutrition - Over 50s

Energy requirements decline with age, particularly if physical activity is restricted. However, requirements for protein, vitamins and minerals remain the same, so it's imperative that food choices are nutritionally dense, supplying a rich supply of nutrients in a small volume.

Your health at 50 plus

Examining what makes us age, how fitness and nutrition can help us to live longer, and a look at health issues, from Alzheimer's disease to enjoying sex more. more...

Why it's good to be fit

Sport, exercise and fitness are things we tend to associate with younger people. This is just one of the factors that put older people off getting active. But the rewards can be great - for your health and your social life! more...

Get fit now!

There's nothing stopping people in their 50s and beyond from trying any activity they chose in order to get fit. Just make sure you enjoy it - if you don't, you're unlikely to keep at it for long. more...

The Ageing Game

Today 85% of people who reach the milestone of 100 years, happen to be women. By 2025, a woman well past middle age will be able to turn the clock back to her prime. She'll be able to bear a child and to shrug off the horrors of old age more...


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