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Health advice online


Many of the reasons for which seniors find the need for online health advice are at best stressful and at worst distressing. From an illness, accident or injury, you may need online health advice that will help you quickly, efficiently and with understanding. The over 50s need health advice that shows that their needs, wishes and best interests are of paramount importance at all times. However, this is obviously best obtained at the lowest cost possible, in time as well as money.


Below is the access to the best online health advice as well as best value for money health supplies.

Your stay in hospital

How Safe are your Medications?

Free service that alerts patients of possible medication and drug interactions that can be harmful to their health. It takes less than a minute to get informed. more [image] More button

Do you believe that certain foods that resemble the parts of the body they are supposed to help keep healthy really work?
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Click on the link Description

Health advice

Best to know tips

Best to know Tips

NHS Best Treatment advice




Find out which treatments really work. The health information comes from the British Medical Journal's worldwide survey of the best, most up-to-date medical research, used by doctors everywhere.



National Health Service


Find your nearest doctor, dentist, hospital and other local services.



Patient UK


health advice



Comprehensive medical source of health,wellbeing and disease information. Ideal senior health care resource.



Aged 60+?

We hear a lot about how to keep our heart and lungs healthy, but not so much about how to keep our balance system healthy.
Would you like to see some easy ways to keep your balance healthy?

Visit: www.balancetraining.org.uk

This website is designed by the University of Southampton.
If you visit the website and answer the questions you'll also help with research. Thank you.

MindWeavers Limited - Free trials to measure the efficiency of MindWorks - designed for people suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Alzheimer's disease to prevent Alzheimer's.


We are a young spin out from Oxford University which develop
neuroscience-based software.
Baroness Susan Greenfield, Britain's top brain scientist and expert in
neurodevelopment and degeneration is our Chief Scientist.


We will carry out drug free trials to measure the efficiency of MindWorks, a
computerized intervention designed for people suffering from Mild Cognitive
Impairment or Early Alzheimer's disease to prevent Alzheimer's.


This study will be conducted in compliance with the study protocol and in
accordance with the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines. It will not start
until regulatory approval from the Medicines and Healthcare products
Regulatory Agency and ethical approval from the Multi-centre Research Ethics
Committee (MREC) have been received. The applications are in process and we
expect to have the approval since it is a non-evasive study and we have
already LREC approval.


We would like to recruit 60-85 year old volunteers with
Mild Cognitive impairment/Early AD living in UK, especially
in Oxfordshire area to participate to our trials.

For further information please contact:


MindWeavers Limited
Oxford Centre for Innovation
Mill Street
OX2 0JX Oxford



There is a wealth of health advice available on-line now. You can find specialist advice and products and facts about diseases, health and medicine. Much of the health advice is written by leading doctors in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. By searching on-line you can gain far more knowledge than the average GP can impart in your short appointment time and you can now choose where and when to be treated in the NHS. With so much free health advice available, Don't forget your local pharmacist can help you too.


Any medical advice information found here does not replace professional medical advice. If you have a medical problem please contact your doctor or phone the NHS Direct.

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