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Helping hand...Mobility uk products from mabels

Easy to use, hand reachers/grabbers extend your range so you can pick things up or reach the shelf without having to bend or stretch.


Made from lightweight aluminium, this reacher is designed for people with limited reach and/or mobility. The jaw opening is highly visible and features a slip resistant surface for a secure hold on the object.
Constructed with a cord running through the tube, which operates the plastic jaw. This cord style allows the reacher to be folded in the centre for ease of storage and transportation.
Include a magnet tip, a hook for dressing, a rubber lined jaw and a device that allows the reacher to be clipped
to a stick or walker.

Two lengths available
660mm (26")
810mm (32")






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A handy reacher is a very effective tool that means no more bending or reaching into awkward spaces. Most reachers are lightweight and robust enough to assist those with restricted reach and/or mobility problems. They usually feature a single moving jaw operated with a trigger action from the handle and some have a magnet for picking up small metal objects e.g. pins, and a hook to aid dressing. The jaws may be rotated 360° to avoid the need to rotate the wrist which may be painful to certain users.







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