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Hough's Hair Replacement & Wigs







Hair loss, thinning hair and pattern baldness is experienced by 1000's of people across the UK - in fact male pattern baldness is experienced by 6.5 million people in the UK alone. Hair loss can start with a receding hair line or thinning hair around the crown area and although more common in later years of life it can happen to anyone.


However there are many different remedies and hair loss treatments on the market and people even go as far as having surgery done to provide implants into the scalp. However there is another solution - Hough's have been providing the answer to hair loss for over 25 years and based in Wolverhampton have clients from all over the UK.



Hough's provide the non surgical hair loss treatment for men and women - hair replacement systems. The process to have a full head of hair is very easy and requires a free private consultation where we discuss your requirments and type of hair loss you are experiencing. We then suggest a suitable system and arrange for the fitting and styling of your new hair.


Hough's Hair Replacement also provide the answer to female hair loss, this may be as a result of chemotheraphy or other reasons. A hair system and natural wig that is undetectable is the answer and provides a full head of hair.














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