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Gift ideas
Unique gifts they will treasure forever

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Choosing A Live Band For Your Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

Getting Personal - The UK’s premier web retailer of personalised and unusual fun gifts.



Category Click on the link Description

Looking for original gift ideas? Then you need to discover the fun, the creative, the original, the unusual, the handmade, the one-of-a-kind. A wedding gift doesn't have to be a toaster! All those long hours of study deserve some reward don't they? An original gift will never be forgotten and there are many sites offering something that bit different so you can give an original gift to that special person or couple.



The British Museum Online Store


The British Museum store is a comprehensive shopping website of the world famous British Museum.
Our amazing range of gifts and books covers world cultural history over time and geography with a product selection that represents the diversity and depth of the Museum. more...





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Whatever you want to say…Well done, I love you, Thank you, Happy Birthday…chocolate is always acceptable. Made with fine quality ingredients in plain, milk or white, chocolates will surely be on your list of gift ideas and are available in novelty shapes as well as presentation boxes. And the medical profession is now telling us chocolate may be good for us…something we've always thought!






Choose from a wide range of delicious Cadbury products including many not available in shops or supermarkets. Features a 'pick and mix' section to create your own unique Cadbury hamper.


Chocolate Trading Company


The widest selection of premium chocolates from around the world.




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Most people will remember the sea of flowers left in honour of Princess Diana and we often see flowers left at the roadside where a fatal accident has happened. But how much more will flowers say to someone when placed in their hand by a loved one or arriving by special delivery if distance means a personal visit cannot be made. Flowers may fade quite quickly, but the warm feelings they generate last a long time.

All flowers convey thoughtfulness and love.



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Jewellery has far more sentimental than intrinsic value: a watch given for a birthday, a ring given for an engagement, a necklace given in friendship. No value can be put on love and friendship and any jewellery given and received will be priceless. more...




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General Gifts

Welcome to our general gift section, the perfect place to find some really good general gift ideas. Whether its a birthday present, Christmas present, get well presents, valentines present or anything else, you are sure to find something suitable here. There are a huge range of general gifts available so be sure to have a good look round some of them, there's nothing that puts a smile on someone's face more then a gift just for them. More...



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Many sites with gift ideas. Gifts may be for a wedding anniversary, such as ruby, silver, pearl or golden,or even maybe a 50th birthday gift for her or for him . A present is important for the recipient whether it's a woman's gift or a man's gift, for a parent or even home gift. All may be found here

" Just found your excellent site. Cheers - and well done !" Mike Burgess

" I was able to rapidly answer a query for an elderly relative and locate a perfect anniversary gift in minutes. Many thanks " Cathy Morris

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