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How to look younger - smile and drink water, say over 50s
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:42 am 
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New research has found the secret to looking and feeling good is much simpler than we thought.

If you thought the way to look younger was to pile on make-up, wear trendy clothes or dabble in a little cosmetic surgery you’re in for a rude awakening.

A healthy diet, plenty of beauty sleep and smiling were all cited as ways to look younger by women aged 50 plus.

The findings emerged following a study of 1,500 women over 50 which revealed two thirds of women have been given beauty advice from their own grandma that they’ll take to their grave.

The research was commissioned to support the launch of the new B. Nourished Skincare range which has been created specifically to meet the needs of more mature skin.

8 in 10 women over 50 credit their youthful skin to a healthy diet, 77% swear by eating tomatoes and 75% rely heavily on oily fish as part of their diet.

It appears that despite past research claiming older generations tend to have less sleep the findings reveal that 50% of women aim for eight hours of beauty sleep every night.

By far and away the best beauty snippet that over 50s want to pass on is that a smile goes a long way, while nearly three quarters of women believe the key to looking good in later life is inheriting good genes.

The top tips that the women will pass on to their own children and grandchildren include never sleeping in make-up, avoiding squeezing spots at all costs and never combining bright eye shadow with bright lippy.

Moisturising all the way down the neck was another favourite that older women passed down to younger generations.

Joanna Hutton, Senior Brand Manager for Superdrug brand B. said: “Today’s over fifties are a completely different proposition to their parents and grandparents however it’s interesting that in today’s world of technology and middle youth that it’s beauty advice from yesteryear which still holds sway.

“Women in this age bracket have the experience and confidence to understand that the secret to looking and feeling fantastic can’t be found in a jar, it’s a combination of good health, vitality and cherry picking beauty products designed to work on more mature skin.”

The study found that a quarter of women swore by a strict beauty regime, and nearly a third of those that took part in the study said they spend more on beauty products as they have got older.

One piece of advice seven in ten women were in agreement with was that as they have got older they have learnt about the dangers of the sun.

When it comes to make-up 30% like to stick to what they know, while 13% said they were still keen to try out different colours and looks.

Few women can say they don’t have any beauty regrets. The research shows the biggest was sunbathing with little or no SPF closely followed by perming their hair in the 80s and and wearing ill-fitting shoes that have caused bunions and corns from which they now suffer.

What are you top tips for looking younger? Share your anti-ageing secrets in the Comments section below.

Key to looking younger according to the over 50s

1. Good genes
2. Healthy diet
3. Lots of water
4. Lots of laughter
5. Having fun
6. Being in love
7. Having a tan
8. Being fit
9. Buying good quality make-up
10. Strict beauty routine - cleansing, toning and moisturising

Beauty pearls of wisdom according to the over 50s

1. Smile!
2. Drink lots of water
3. Never sleep in makeup
4. Always wear an SPF
5. Always aim for eight hours sleep
6. Look after your neck with moisturiser
7. Don't squeeze spots
8. Don't over pluck eyebrows
9. Use hand cream after washing-up
10. Wear the right shade foundation
11. Don't dye hair darker than brows
12. Tone down the fake tan
13. Comb hair when wet
14. Don't overuse heated hairstyling tools
15. Don't wear bright eye-shadow as well as bright lipstick
16. Moisturise feet then sleep in socks
17. Never go out with chipped nails
18. Always carry a lipstick
19. Don't shave your arms
20. File your nails, don't cut them


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