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6 Ways To Keep Your Memory Sharp
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:40 am 

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In the same way life style, nutrition and physical exercise helps to maintain our physical bodies, there are real ways to keep our memories active and strong.

Eat Right

Studies show certain foods give our brains a boost. Include lots of fish, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as olive oil or canola oil, and avoid cholesterol saturated and trans fats in your diet. Get most of your vitamins from food, not tablets or gel caps. When it comes to vitamins and supplements, more is not better. Avoid taking megadoses that could be toxic.

Get Moving

Since obesity is a risk factor for dementia, exercising to keep those extra pounds off is a win-win plan. Plus, according to research, any aerobic exercise will help ward off stroke and other memory-damaging conditions – even Alzheimer’s. If you’re just starting an exercise program, consult with your doctor.

Don't Forget The Zzzzs

No one has to tell you that when you’re exhausted, you have a hard time remembering. So it won’t surprise you to learn research shows people who suffer with sleep disturbances experience memory blips. Since sleep disorders are usually treatable, speak to your healthcare provider about options.

Limit Stress

We all have stress and anxiety, but when it overwhelms us or contributes to depression, it affects our brain chemistry. Counseling, meditation and other relaxation techniques can work wonders.

Make Your Brain Work

Studies show that just like sex, “use it or lose it” is the mantra. Whether you do puzzles, take up a foreign language, or register for a class that requires studying or learning a new manual skill like pottery, you’ll be keeping your mind active and your memory sharp.

Review Your Meds

Sometimes the interaction of medications can lead to confusion or memory loss. Remember to bring your list of medications on your visit to the doctor and discuss the possibility of side effects and interactions.


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