Who's in charge?
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Author:  kenrick [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Who's in charge?

The bodily organs were having an argument as to which should be in charge.

The brain asserted that as it controls (almost) everything, it should be in charge.

The eyes disagreed, saying that the body needs to see what it is doing.

The arms and hands (upper limb coalition) stated without them, nothing would be achieved, so they should be numero uno.

The lower limb coalition argued that they should be in charge, as without them, they wouldn't be able to get anywhere to do anything.

The mouth shouted, 'i can vocalise concepts and ideas, and also i process food to provide energy.'

Then the anus decided it had heard enough nonsense, and went on strike. sealed up tight and refused to budge.

After a while, the mouth couldn't process any more food, and could only groan and drool, the legs turned to jelly, the hands could only cradle a distended stomach, the eyes crossed and watered, and the brain shut down.

......and that is why there is always an a**ehole in charge.

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