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Fashion tips : How to always look picture perfect

Clothes have a profound effect on us psychologically. Choosing the wrong colour makes you look sick and ghastly. Worse, it spoils your day as the colour of your clothes can affect your mood. First of all, you need to consider your skin tone, eye and hair colour. It is advisable to try out clothes in different colour and get a close friend or family member to see if a particular color suits you. If possible, try to get as many colours in your wardrobe that suit you.

Both white and black are versatile colours. A white top can match a bottom of any color. Similarly, a black bottom can go with any colour for your top. Different colours connote and express different emotions to suit each new day. Wearing white lightens and brightens your mood and symbolises purity and cleanliness. Black gives you elegance and an air of mystery not to mention sex appeal. Red makes you stand out in the crowd and works well especially if you want to draw attention. It symbolises passion, energy and excitement. Yellow connotes optimism, fun and joy. Blue is soothing and calming as well as inspiring. Lastly green symbolise freshness, harmony and love.

It is always better to over dress for an occasion . For example , if the invitation card says smart casual, you can always overdress with your jacket. If everyone wears one, you won't feel awkward or embarrassed especially if it is a sales presentation and you stand to lose points with your client. If no one wears jackets you can always take it off and blend in with the crowd.

No one has a perfect figure all the time. What you need to do is to accentuate your strength and downplay bad points. Wear larger prints in areas where you want people to focus and smaller prints on parts which you want to draw attention away from. Skirt length should be knee level if your thighs are big. Jacket hems should not fall where your hips are the widest. It should be a little higher up. Wear something which gives you a lower or wider neckline. It makes your neck look longer and your face thinner. The overall impression is a slimmer you. Follow these rules. Dark colors tend to make you look slimmer while light and bright colors tend to make you look plumber. If possible, go for a monochromatic look which makes you look slimmer. Clothes with vertical stripes make you look slimmer too. Try not to expose your arms with sleeveless tops.

Don't buy something simply because it is on sale and in the bargain bins. There's a reason for it simply because the sizes available are usually at the both ends of the scales or they could be odd sizes. It is important to wear clothes that fit. Otherwise you feel uncomfortable when you sit down and breathe. Clothes that are either too large or tight will make you look larger than you are. Another important point to note is don't buy smaller clothes thinking you will slim down in the near future. The size you buy should be the one that fits you now.

You can get more fashion tips at http://www.womanht.com/fashion.htm




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