Classic Cars. Invest in your Passion
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Classic Cars: Invest in your Passion



Many of us at a certain age are turning their backs on traditional investment vehicles and are instead buying the real thing. Sales of classic cars are booming because they uniquely combine the qualities of being both a sound investment and a tangible thing of beauty to be enjoyed every day. Those choosing to invest their hard earned cash in this way are often inspired by a real passion for classic cars dating from childhood.




Nostalgia for the good old days permeates most modern markets. A resurgence of all things retro can be observed in sales of everything from clothes to furniture. People from every generation have a favourite classic car from their formative years - from the 1949 Mercury driven by James Dean in Rebel without a Cause to James Bond's iconic Aston Martin, all the way to Marty McFly's time-travelling DeLorean in Back to the Future. These same children that loved those cars are now grown-ups with spending power. invested in the The emotions cars of yesteryear continue to resonate through time and are one of the main driving forces behind the current boom in the sales of classic cars. While there is nothing to stop any Tom, Dick or Harry buying a classic car as an investment, you will be hard pushed to find many potential purchasers who are not passionately knowledgeable about the subject.


Open to All

Many people believe that the classic car market is only for the very rich. Whilst there are cars out there that sell for eye-watering amounts of money, there are also plenty of options for the more modest investor. Do your research and you will find that there are cars to suit most price points. You certainly don't have to part with serious cash to find yourself a fantastic classic. For the same cost as a modern hatchback you could instead choose to be the owner of a little bit of car history - perhaps with a nippy MG or a classic Mini taking pride of place in your garage.




Many opt to buy a classic car relatively cheaply, planning to restore it to its former glory themselves. Restoration and maintenance are both important factors in maintaining the worth of a vehicle. However you need to tread carefully, as classic car restoration can require skills outside the remit of the enthusiastic amateur and costs may spiral out of control. It makes sense to take an expert with you before buying any classic car. They will be able to advise on the viability and cost of any potential projects you may be considering. Remember that all markets ebb and flow and some specialist knowledge is required to ensure good buying decisions.


Formula One


The continuing and growing popularity of Formula One is also playing a part in the surge of interest in classic cars as an investment. As Ferrari keeps its place both on pole and podium, so do vintage Ferraris continue to increase in desirability. A rare 1960's Ferrari Spider convertible recently sold for the jaw dropping price of $27.5 million dollars. You can't put a price on pure car perfection though.




A good rule of thumb is that if the car was a phenomenon when it first came onto the market and has maintained this status, then it is a classic car in waiting. This interest in classic cars is also playing a valuable role in keeping our motoring heritage alive for future generations to enjoy.


While it is a universal truth that no investment can ever be guaranteed, you can take comfort in the thought that even if the value of your classic car falls, you will still have the pure pleasure of ownership. After all, you can't take a Low Yield Bond out for a spin.










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