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 Christmas gifts online


The links below will take you directly to some of the best christmas gift ideas online. The products & suppliers have been extensively researched online to give you not only access to original online christmas gift ideas but peace of mind that anything purchased will be best value for money, quick delivery & fully secure ordering.


Christmas gifts online

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Nostalgic Christmas gifts

Take a hint from the past...

What a world of kindly thought goes into the delightful old custom of gift giving at christmas ! And what a world of pleasure is derived from choosing...if only you can "take your time, "and be sure of ample selection. This year choose something different & traditional to transfer them back to the experiences, places and people of their old times & childhood memories. More...

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Christmas gifts online

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Christmas gifts online

From November onwards, it is impossible to forget that Christmas is coming. Coloured lights decorate many town centres and shops, along with shiny decorations, and artificial snow painted on shop windows. In streets and shops, 'Christmas trees' (real or plastic evergreen 'conifer' trees) will also be decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments.

Shopping centres become busier as December approaches and often stay open till late. Shopping centre speaker systems will play Christmas 'carols' - the traditional Christmas Christian songs, and groups of people will often sing carols on the streets to raise money for charity. Most places of work will hold a short Christmas party about a week before Christmas. Although traditional Christmas foods may be eaten, drink (and plenty of it) means that little work will be done after the party!

By mid-December, most homes will also be decorated with Christmas trees, coloured lights and paper or plastic decorations around the rooms. These days, many more people also decorate garden trees or house walls with coloured electric lights.

In many countries, most people post Christmas greeting cards to their friends and family, and these cards will be hung on the walls of their homes. In the UK the Post Office expects to handle over 100 million cards EACH DAY, in the three weeks before Christmas.

C is for the Christ Child and the child in all of us.
H is for the Heart of God, in Whom we place our trust.
R is for our Redeemer, Who is finished with His chore.
I is for Isaiah, who had told it all before.
S is for the star lowly shepherds came to see.
T is for Three wise men, who were wise beyond degree.
M is for a Manger, a simple manger where He lay.
A is for bright Angels who were standing by that day.
S is for the Star that shone and still shines out today!

Making sense of Christmas
Today in the West, not many people consider the religious meaning of Christmas. Most people in UK or Europe will not go to a religious church meeting, even at Christmas. It has become a busy race to spend money on presents, and get ready for the Day. In UK, our shops stay open till late Christmas Eve and often open again on Boxing Day with the cut-price 'sales'. (Not much holiday for the poor shop workers!) A visitor from another world would think that Christmas was a festival to the gods of money and shopping.

Many people, though, do hope for more than presents at Christmas. We want to somehow return to a time in our childhood (or some other good time in the past), when life was simpler and made more sense, before the troubles of adult life arrived. We feel sure that behind all the fun and decorations, there must somehow be a message, something more, some key to life, hope and happiness. So, can we look beyond the way Christmas is celebrated today, and find any real meaning, any message for our lives today?


So who decides what Christmas is all about? Who chooses whether it's a five day booze up, a credit card spending spree, a once a year visit to church, a family holiday? Who chooses? You do! Christmas is what you make of it. It's not something that's thrown at you whether you like it or not. It isn't something that comes ready packaged, unchangeable and fixed. We choose what's important and what it can mean for ourselves. It's up to you. Christmas is what you make it'


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