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CHO-WA - The health benefits and stories of

Science had already established that the additional herbal ingredients found in CHO-WA were highly active, but never to the degree that Dr. Kumato verified when they were combined as instructed by the CHO-WA formula. The synergistic effects were truly profound.

The studies confirmed that CHO-WA, the great ancient formula, the golden combination that was so jealously guarded by the tiger Shogun, was indeed something to be cherished. Yes, the individual ingredients in CHO-WA were all known by Dr. Kumato, and yes, they all had substantial health benefits, but not anything like what he was now observing on virtually everyone who tried CHO-WA.

Yoko was the mother of Nobu, the head accountant for Kumato Labs. She had been selected to try CHO-WA not because she was suffering from a particular health problem, but because she was suffering from the most common problem people have as they grow older, an ever increasing malaise, a loss of vitality and eagerness. She was ninety one.

One morning two weeks later, the accountant walked into Dr. Kumato's office and told him that his mother was better. Much better. What's more she had returned to her life's great passion, the art of calligraphy. Apparently, ten years ago Yoko was forced to abandon her beloved art because her hands were no longer steady enough. Plus, her ability to concentrate, the essence of the art, was waning.

Now suddenly she had resumed her art! Her hands were steady. Miraculously, she could concentrate at the level her art required. Yoko was overjoyed. She was completely transformed. It had to be because of CHO-WA!

The accountant related how he had thought his mother's melancholy came simply from her old age. He hadn't appreciated what an incredible loss it must have been for his mother when she was forced to abandon her art. She had never once complained. Seeing how happy she now was made him realise why she had really been so unhappy. CHO-WA had changed both of their lives!

Dr. Kumato leaned back in his chair and reflected on the great good that CHO-WA had acco0mplishedover the centuries. He thought of all the people he would never know. All the people that CHO-WA through Sensei had helped. To experience limitless health, to discover the beauty and joy of life, the art of living, the passion for expression in whatever you do, that was CHO-WA. That was perfect harmony. That was the essence of Japan. How he hoped he could carry on Sensei's valuable work. How he hoped he could bring CHO-WA to the world.



Dr. Kumato did indeed realise his dreams. After extensive testing Dr Kumato began manufacturing CHO-WA for commercial use. With no advertising, word spread. In little time CHO-WA was his most popular formulation, dwarfing the sales of his other products. From a business standpoint this was both good and bad. Sales of CHO-WA sky rocketed, but sales of his other products dropped off as customers began to realise that all that was necessary for greater health was CHO-WA.

It is said that on one of Dr. Kumato's monthly trips to visit Sensei, he told him about the worldwide success of CHO-WA. He told him that it was even sold in America and that the Americans, like all people, loved CHO-WA. Sensei as usual said nothing. But Dr. Kumato did notice what he thought was a faint smile.

How to order CHO-WA
You can now order CHO-WA directly from Kumato Labs, North American Distribution Centre. Simply call: 0808-234-4195 Ext 102U and order with your credit card. Or mail a cheque or money order to Kumato Labs, 2646 St Louis Ave.102U, Signal Hill, CA 90755. You can also order on the web at: www.cho-wa.com/uk . A thirty day supply costs: £34.95 plus £8.95 S&H. All orders carry a money back guarantee. Kumato Labs offers a 30% discount for a three month purchase plus free shipping.



If you desire the health benefits only CHO-WA can offer then simply click here. Harmony is strength.





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