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CHO-WA - The health benefits and stories of

Dr. Kumato knew he would have to devote a great deal of time and money to develop a proper method to manufacture CHO-WA in keeping with the traditional way of producing this amazing healing tonic. He must duplicate the formula precisely or it could definitely diminish its mighty power. He wanted to make sure he got it absolutely right.

He reasoned that the only way he could be certain that he would be faithful in the duplication process was to produce CHO-WA and then bring it to Sensei for testing. Sensei would immediately know if he had got it right.
Dr. Kumato discussed his plan with Sensei who laughed and said, "It's entrusted to you now my friend."

For the next twenty three months Dr. Kumato made his usual monthly trips to see Sensei. Each version of CHO-WA that he brought for Sensei's approval was flatly rejected. When Dr. Kumato asked him what was wrong Sensei's reply was less than helpful.

"If you would have given this to the Shogun he would have killed you himself!" Sensei would then abruptly change the subject to some aspect of nature that expressed as he put it, "perfect harmony."

Nearly two years had passed since receiving the great CHO-WA formula and Dr. Kumato now felt he may never get it right. Could Sensei just be toying with him? Maybe Sensei had never really intended for Dr. Kumato to have his secret healing formula.

He had tried everything. He had followed the precise instructions in preparing each ingredient. Every one of his company's scientists had reviewed the formula and assisted in its preparation, following the instructions to the letter. Each time they reformulated they double checked their procedures, varying only what they thought might be the problem. Each time they failed.


They ran analyses of the different herbs to make sure they were the best quality and had highest potency. They strained the herbs using traditional strainers, not commercial extractors. They even boiled water in traditional pots, going as far as to use antique pots that would have been used in the time of the tenth Shogun. Nothing worked.

Finally, they had exhausted all possible variations and means to duplicate CHO-WA. It was with a deep feeling of resignation that Dr. Kumato visited Sensei for what Dr/ Kumato thought would be his last chance at getting Sensei's approval.

The CHO-WA formula that he brought Sensei was almost identical to every other version he had brought him. After all, the instructions were quite clear about how to prepare the formula. The changes that had been made on each new try were minute, and were limited to improving straining techniques, or eliminating small impurities in individual herbs.

DR. Kumato took the last train out of Tokyo and arrived quite late in Otamaru. The station was closed. He had fallen asleep on the train and missed his dinner. Nothing was open in town. He was thirsty and hungry and now had to walk almost two miles up a steep trail to Sensei's house. He had no choice.


It was a very humid night. So warm that even the night birds were silent. As he walked along the trail he began to feel increasingly weak. He must have something to drink. It was almost without thinking that he opened the glass jar holding the new version of CHO-WA and took a sip. After all, it was only a sip and there was plenty for Sensei to try.


He then realised that he had never actually tasted the formula. He had relied on Sensei to do the testing. It actually tasted quite pleasant. He took another sip and continued walking along the moon lit trail. When he arrived at Sensei's house he was no longer tired.

Sensei was on his porch waiting for him as usual, aware of his coming even though he had talked to him since his last trip.

"I see you've got it right"
"Got what right?" Dr. Kumato asked confused.


"CHO-WA!" Sensei exclaimed. "You've always had it right. You simply needed to believe in it enough to try it on yourself! The instructions are clear. I have no power to give it. The power is in the formula. In order for you to understand the formula you have to make it part of yourself. I see that you have done so!"
Dr. Kumato felt at once relieved, elated and ridiculous. Of course, Sensei was right. The instructions were very clear. The one thing he had failed to do was actually try the formula on himself.


Had he done the obvious he would have known that the formula was right. His energy was soaring. He was neither thirsty nor hungry. He seemed to see better, hear better, smell better. It was if something had been lifted from his senses. He had a deep, incredibly deep sense of well being. He was in perfect harmony with his surroundings. Yes, indeed, this was CHO-WA.


From that day forward Dr. Kumato drank CHO-WA every morning upon wakening.
Dr. Kumato, now 75, had always considered himself extremely healthy. He exercised regularly and ate only healthy foods. Moreover, he had made it his life's mission to develop Japan's finest health products which he used regularly. But still, when he began taking CHO-WA he was literally astonished.


His energy had increased to the point where he required very little sleep. His memory both short term and long term seemed to improve. It was like he had been given a new brain. He hadn't expected this. Thought processing was definitely different. He seemed to be able to access memories that were much more vivid. Colours, sounds, tastes, emotions came rushing forth every time he recalled a past incident. Distant or recent, it didn't matter.


He was connected to the world as never before. His balance was even better. Not that it was bad before. But now he felt like running down narrow stairways rather than walking. In short he felt younger, much younger in all areas, especially one in particular, sex!


Dr. Kumato had been responsible for developing for commercial use many traditional libido enhancers. CHO-WA was in a category by itself. After taking CHO-WA he really contemplated if he should continue. He hadn't experienced constant urges at this level since he was a teenager. Indeed he couldn't recall if he ever had such an overwhelming ex drive.


Dr. Kumato was a life long student of Zen Buddhism and because of this study he was fortunately able to focus he reproductive energies elsewhere. Although he had to admit it was a pleasant feeling to feel so young in all its aspects, what was most peculiar was the way younger women seemed to be attracted to him at his present age. The reproductive energy that he was experiencing on a daily basis must have been seen and felt by the opposite sex at some level.


It wasn't long before the employees of Kumato Labs noticed the change in their boss. Makoto, the manufacturing supervisor was the first employee to begin taking CHO-WA. The results were immediate and equally profound. Soon all the employees were taking CHO-WA daily. This was a problem.


CHO-WA was not yet on line for commercial levels of manufacture. It was still being produced in small quantities. Before full commercial manufacturing could begin, more analytical studies were necessary. The problem was that the employees were consuming CHO-WA faster than it could be made for the studies. There simply wasn't enough to go around.


Finally, Dr. Kumato put his foot down and forbade any employee from taking CHO-WA until all analytical studies had been completed. His employees in turn worked at a feverish level to prepare CHO-WA for final approval and subsequent full commercial production.


Dr. Kumato's intense analytical studies yielded some astounding findings. At the core of the CHO-WA formula were native Japanese mushroom extractions. Scientists have long understood that certain mushrooms rich in poly saccharides are capable of activating key components of you immune system, namely macrophages which are considered your first line of defence against invaders. Kumato Labs discovered that the CHO-WA "golden combination" had extraordinary immune enhancing effects. CHO-WA was literally an immune supercharger.

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