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CHO-WA - The health benefits and stories of


Sensei placed the scroll on the tatami mat next to the low tea table. He sat down, crossed his legs in lotus position, and began to tell a story…a story Dr. Kumato had waited for more than thirty years to hear.

"My family has kept a secret since the reign of the tenth shogun. My direct ancestor was the shogun's personal physician. He was entrusted with his health, but unlike physicians today, if the patient fell ill the physician was held responsible. So serious was the offence of allowing the shogun to fall ill that my grandfather would have been ordered to perform Hari Kari (take his own life). Fortunately, for my grandfather, the Shogun, who was known as the tiger shogun, never became ill. He was famous in all of Japan for his robust health. He led his samurai into battle when he was in his nineties! The tiger shogun was so healthy that he perished at over one hundred years, not from bad health but from an accident while racing his horse!

"All physicians at that time knew of the power of nature top provide all that was necessary to stay healthy. The great natural healing medicines of Japan come from the work of our intrepid ancestors. What distinguished my ancestor from all other physicians was his discovery of the "golden combination," a precise formulation of nature's gifts, so powerful at increasing Ki (life force) that he was forced to sign an oath ensuring he would never reveal it.

My ancestor would only be allowed to pass the formulation to the Shogun's direct heir. The Shogun knew that is a rival Shogun got hold of this mighty formula, he too would possess limitless health, something no Shogun would desire of his rival.
"The Shoguns have been gone for a long time, but my family has always kept the golden combination a secret. Over the years the decision was made to use the formula to help common people, but my family has never revealed the secret. To do so they thought would dishonour their ancestor. I have thought about this for a long time. I have seen the power of the formula perform incredible wonders, but I could not bring myself to reveal the formula until now."

"I have watched you for a long time. I know you are a good man. I also know the time has now come for my ancestor's formula to help the people of the world. We Japanese have a hard time thinking about anybody but Japanese. For my entire life I have thought it was enough just to help the people who found their way to my door. But the world has changed and so have I."
Sensei then proceeded to slowly unroll the scroll. The calligraphy was absolutely exquisite. The writing began with a poem:


The great Shogun thrives in all seasons
He overcomes not by opposing
He rules without ruling
He prospers when his subjects prosper
Harmony is his strength

There followed a shocking discovery. Instead of a description of the numerous healing formulas Dr. Kumato had thought Sensei was using, there was only one formula, entitled CHO-WA (harmony).

That's what Sensei meant when he said, "What are you going to do with IT?" There was only one formula, CHO-WA.

As far as Dr. Kumato could tell, he was familiar with all the listed ingredients. However, he had never seen them combined in this extraordinary manner. A feeling of warmth rushed through his body as he suddenly realised that he was the first person outside Sensei's family, the first person for more than eight hundred years to have the privilege of viewing the golden combination. Sensei had indeed revealed a profound secret.

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