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Dr. Kumato, who was introduced to Sensei years ago by his most revered college teacher, had witnessed Sensei heal countless individuals. In many cases these individuals would have been certainly labelled hopeless by modern doctors. For more than thirty years, Dr. Kumato had tried in vain to convince Sensei to reveal his amazing healing formulas.

Dr. Kumato was famous in his own right. Educated as a bio-chemist, he was the founder of Kumato Labs, internationally renowned for bringing traditional Japanese remedies to the world. Dr. Kumato believed deeply in the union of science and nature. His genius lay in his abilities to mass produce traditional remedies, using strict pharmaceutical manufacturing standards without compromising the synergistic effects of the original formula.

Kumato Labs had built its great reputation by producing health products of impeccable quality. But Dr. Kumato knew his product line would never be complete until he had Sensei's secret healing formulas. He considered them to be the crown jewels of Japan's traditional healing remedies. Perhaps the greatest healing formulas, not only in Japan, but in all the world. Nothing he had ever seen produced by other health companies approached the effectiveness of Sensei's healing formulations. He was aware that Sensei was using many of the same ingredients other traditional healing formulas contained, but Sensei had somehow discovered the "golden" combinations.

Every month Dr. Kumato would visit Sensei in hopes of convincing him to finally reveal his precious formulas. Sometimes he waited for hours to talk with Sensei, who was usually busy attending people in need. When Sensei broke free he kindly listened to Dr. Kumato's pleas, but always gave the same answer: "Nature holds the secret, not I." It didn't matter hoe he asked the question or how many times he asked. The answer was always the same.


Over the years Dr. Kumato had all but accepted that Sensei would never reveal his secret healing formulas to him. However, Dr. Kumato had grown so fond of Sensei that he never missed his monthly trip to the mountains. Just to see and talk to the people that Sensei healed was more than enough.

On one visit he met Yoshi who impressed Dr. Kumato because of his boundless energy and vitality. When Yoshi spoke about Sensei it was as if he were speaking about Buddha himself. According to Yoshi, who was 97, he made his first trip to visit Sensei when he was 86. Yoshi heard about Sensei from a friend whose sister had been healed by Sensei. At that time Yoshi believed he would die soon but was not ready. Yoshi related how his life force was nearly gone when he decided to make the arduous sixteen hundred kilometre journey by train from Hokkaido to Kyushu. He didn't know if he would survive the train ride.

When he finally arrived at the base of the mountain he could no longer walk. He felt what little life force he had leaving his body. He lost consciousness. Yoshi was not sure what happened next. When he awoke he was lying on his back upon a futon in Sensei's house. Sensei gave him a cool drink. It tasted different from anything he knew, but it wasn't bad.

By the next day Yoshi's life force was returning. Yoshi said he was give the same cool drink each day by Sensei. Soon he noticed his shaky hands had steadied, and his energy was increasing. Substantially increasing!

So profound was his recovery that Yoshi volunteered to stay and work in what ever manner he could to help Sensei. Apparently Sensei agreed, because when Dr. Kumato talked to Yoshi, he had been living on the mountain for eleven years. In no way was Yoshi's story unique. It was rather typical.

Kiyoko, who wouldn't give her age to Dr, Kumato, told him how she had been healed by Sensei of a chronic condition of "nerves". So terrible was her anxiety she almost never left her house. One morning the man who delivered her groceries told her bout Sensei, who had recently healed his aunt of a similar condition.

Kiyoko realised she lived only 30 kilometres from Sensei, but the thought of actually going out in public, riding on a train, seeing unfamiliar people, maybe forgetting something, or, heaven forbid, getting lost in a strange town, was more than she could bear. No, she wouldn't go to see him. And who knows…he probably couldn't heal her anyway. And besides, none of the medicine her doctors gave her ever did any good.

Two days later, a woman showed up at her door. She was the grocery delivery man's aunt. She said she would accompany Kiyoko on her visit to Sensei. They should leave right away. Before Kiyoko could object the woman gently took her hand, shut the front door, and led her to the train station. Kiyoko was nearly in shock. Her heart was racing, she could hardly breathe. But for some reason she held onto the woman's hand and followed her. She looked straight ahead while riding on the train, never venturing to glance at the many strangers.

Finally on their walk up the trail leading to Sensei's house, Kiyoko began to relax, but not completely. It was only after she finished the cool drink that Sensei gave her upon arriving that she completely relaxed.

Kiyoko told Dr. Kumato that she stayed at Sensei's house for three months. Tears ran down her cheeks as she explained how Sensei had completely transformed her life.
Before her visit to Sensei, Kiyoko would awaken very late every morning. She almost never exercised, fearing both the outdoors and the possibility that she might injure herself during even the slightest physical exertion. Her main activity was eating. She was considerably overweight, an unusual condition for a Japanese woman.

It was hard for Dr. Kumato to imagine that this thin attractive woman talking confidently to him could have ever been overweight or, for that matter, insecure.
While staying with Sensei, Kiyoko began to awaken earlier. After one week she got up regularly at sunrise. Kiyoko started every day with the same cool drink prepared by Sensei. Soon her ferocious appetite began to subside. Her energy increased by leaps and bounds. She found herself taking long walks in the forest, at first alone, and then with other people who would drop in to see Sensei.

She was making friends for the first time in her life. Kiyoko discovered that she adored the outdoors, but what she loved most was talking to people. So much so, that Kiyoko later became employed as a public speaking teacher in her home town, winning several awards for her activities. She was also now the official spokeswoman for (SPN) the local society for the preservation of nature.

Kiyoko made it a point to see Sensei every month, to walk in the forest, make more new friends, and of course to get a fresh supply of Sensei's very special drink.

It was seeing healing miracles like Yoshi, Kiyoko, and numerous others that always made Dr. Kumato's journey to the mountain worthwhile, even if Sensei would never reveal his incredible formulas to him.

Thus, Dr. Kumato was utterly shocked on his three hundred and seventy second visit when, instead of giving his usual reply to Dr. Kumato's perfunctory request, Sensei said, "What are you going to do with it?"

For a moment Dr. Kumato didn't know what Sensei meant or what to say. But he was cutely aware that this was a profound moment. He paused and then said, "I will try and help as many people as I can." Sensei gave no reply. He simply walked to the back room of his house and then returned with a scroll. He invited Dr. Kumato to sit and enjoy a cup of green tea.

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