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CHO-WA - The health benefits and stories of

The remarkable story of Japan's legendary healing formula and how it continues to work wonders.

Written by Tomo Tanikawa, the story of CHO-WA originally appeared in this paper as a three part series that ran in our health section weekly between Oct 25, 2005 and Nov 14, 2005. However, since its publication we have been inundated with requests for a reprint in its entirety. We have also received numerous testimonials from individuals who have purchased CHO-WA and now extol its many health benefits. Therefore, bowing to pressure from our esteemed readers, here now is the full story of CHO-WA in one edition. Enjoy.


Nobody knows his real age. Sensei (healing master) has always just been there. Or at least that's what the people of Kyushu, Japan believe. When Sachiko, an 87 year old woman healed by Sensei, was interviewed she told the reporter that Sensei (pronounced sin say) had also healed her grand-mother forty years ago. Asked if Sensei was then a young man, Sachiko replied, "He looked exactly the same as he looks now!"

Estimates of Sensei's age range from 75 to over 150 years. Some people believe he has been healing people for centuries. Some actually believe he is immortal. Whatever his age, two facts are clear: Sensei has been healing people in Japan fir a very long time, and the miraculous concoctions that he uses to heal with have had profound effects on even the most hopeless.

A typical example is Noriko who suffered from terrible health problems. For years she was unable to eat anything but mild, bland rice porridge which she still had a hard time keeping down. Her stomach problems were accompanied by intense joint pain, dizzy spells, insomnia, constant fatigue and bouts of depression, brought on by her feelings of hopelessness. She always caught colds and flu that took months to depart her weak and frail body.

Noriko was a city girl, born and raised in Tokyo. Like most Tokyo people, Noriko was westernised to the point where she no longer believed in her country's traditional remedies. Hence, Noriko had relied on ever increasing doses of "modern" drugs, all of which only gave her occasional relief, sometimes followed by severe side effects.

When her doctor told Noriko there was nothing more he could do for her, she was devastated. But what he said next floored her….He told her she should visit an old man who lived in a mountain village in Kyushu prefecture. The old man was simply called Sensei.

Noriko could hardly believe her ears! Had her doctor lost his mind? He couldn't heal her but instead was sending her to see a hermit who probably didn't know the first thing about "real" medicine! Japan was filled with so called healers who lived in the mountains! Educated people would never dream of actually using them in place of a licensed doctor!

"Just go" her doctor said. "You've got nothing to lose, and you may be pleasantly surprised." The doctor didn't tell Noriko that he had personal knowledge of Sensei's healing powers. Sensei had healed the doctor's gravely ill daughter after he and his colleagues had failed.

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