Seven Things to Consider When Buying a Stairlift
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Seven Things to Consider

When Buying a Stairlift


Considerations when buying a stairlift





If you're struggling up the stairs due to mobility problems, or even are in a wheelchair and can't get up them at all, you may consider either moving home to a one storey property or modifying your home so you can make it upstairs.


Installing a stairlift can be one of the most practical answers to mobility problems, allowing you to continue to live in the home that you love so much. However you need to make sure that the stairlift you purchase is suitable for your home and your individual needs. Here are seven issues to consider when buying a stairlift.


New or Reconditioned?


If your budget can't stretch to a brand new stairlift there are other options such as buying a second-hand or reconditioned stairlift. If you do decide to look at buying a reconditioned stairlift remember these important points;


" Make sure that the company selling you a stairlift change or upgrade any parts where necessary to make sure your stairlift meets the current safety & technical specifications before installation


" Your reconditioned stairlift complies with current British Safety standards


" There is a full 12 months guarantee on the stairlift


" Engineers are available 24-7 to ensure that


" Reconditioned curved stairlifts should be installed with brand new factory made rails, custom made for each individual stairlift


Renting or Buying?


There are many reasons why you may to rent a Stairlift rather than buy. You may only need it for a short space of time due to an accident. You may find the costs easier to manage.


Some stairlift installers will allow you to rent a stairlift on a month by month basis be it for 1 month or 5 years. When the time is right the stairlift installers will remove the rental Stairlift at the most convenient time to suit you.


Should you decide to keep the Stairlift most installers can accommodate your request and then come to an agreement on cost for buying your stairlift.


Wheelchair or seat?


Many stairlift manufacturers can build a stairlift to accommodate your wheelchair. You can have severely restricted mobility yet still get upstairs in some cases. Many are DC current operated so may be less of a fire hazard than you think - you may still be able to get downstairs in an emergency using one.


Curved vs straight?


When we think of a curved staircase we usually imagine a sweeping grand staircase in a palace. Many smaller properties have them for economy of space. You might have a 90 degree bend at the bottom of the stairs or at the top.


Curved stairlifts can be ordered to accommodate this and are fitted to the design of your home. They do cost more than straight stairlifts but could well be an essential consideration in some cases.




For two step bends in your staircase, you can save money by considering a platform at the top of the stairlift instead of having a curved stairlift. The platform folds down at the top, level with the stairlift footplate. You can then dismount the stairlift and walk over the platform onto the upstairs landing with relative ease.


Platforms cannot be generally made for staircases with more than two steps in a different direction. If you have three, the stairlift might be too high to sit on at the bottom as the rail has to be much higher to accommodate the two extra steps.


Swivel Chair?


For ease of climbing on and off the stairlift you can ask for a swivel chair. This is a good safety measure to consider as once at the top you can swivel the chair above the landing without hanging over the top step.




Stairlifts should blend into the background as with all your other utilities at home. You can get stairlifts colour coordinated with your home decor. For unusual colour schemes at a small extra fee, your dealer should be able to arrange a special coating for the system.


In considering these issues you should be able to speak to a sales representative with something clear in your mind. Being clear what you want will ensure you get the stairlift you need in your home and guarantee many years of independent mobility around your home.


Stannah Dealer is proud to be an authorised independent Stannah stairlift supplier, offering a wide selection of both new and reconditioned Stannah stairlift styles. We're one of the first companies in the UK to complete the Stannah Certification of Excellence, which means that our installation engineers install your stairlift to the exacting standards required by Stannah.


For free advice and information about stairlifts contact us on Freephone 0800 731 2648.













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