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The Best Small Cars Around


If you're lucky enough to be able to afford a new car, and you're looking for a small runner, then you're spoilt for choice at the moment. The combination of cheaper insurance, cheaper road tax and mind bogglingly low fuel consumption of some of the cars available make a small car a great way to save in the current economic crisis. Here are some of the best small cars available.

Renault Clio - The best selling small car, or 'supermini' on the market, the Renault Clio continues to sell large volumes of both its new model and re-released older model. The ride is comfortable, grip good, the miles per gallon around the 40MPG mark, and a five star 'ncap' safety rating the Clio is both safe and good to drive. An increased boot space and quality features such as central locking and a CD player is available as standard on all models. The smaller engine options aren't for those who like to feel a bit of kick with their cars, but on all other aspects the Clio excels. Well worth the price, starting at around 8,000 pounds.

Ford Fiesta - 30 years ago the first Fiesta came out to rounds of applause and incredible popularity. Fast forward to today and it's still going strong, with good looks and a brand new model it's tipped to be one of the best sellers of 2009. The 1.2 litre engines labour a bit at low speeds, but the 1.4 and 1.6 turbo-diesel are well worth the money and have excellent acceleration, whilst the 2 litre has a tarmac burning 148bhp! The grip is spot on thanks to the fiesta's trademark stiff suspension and the price starting at under 10,000 pounds makes it kind to your bank account too. Well worth a look.

Volkswagen Polo - The Polo has always been, and continues to be, one of the most popular cars in the small car category. With trademark sturdy German design and excellent reliability you'll find any VW to be good value for money. On the downside the Polo won't come with many tasty bits as standard, in contrast to the Clio, which slaps on extras as standard as if it had an endless supply of CD players. But what you will get is the aforementioned reliability and the safety and fuel economy is impressive too. Starting at around 8,500 pounds the polo is a good sturdy little car, mean on the extras but you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that it'll run for years.

When buying a new car it's important to make sure you get a good deal on your car insurance. Try checking out reputable companies like The Cooperative to find the best insurance deals available and be careful not to take out insurance with your car's manufacturer just for ease as you can save a lot of money by shopping around.





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