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Bath lifts ...Mobility uk products from mabels

Easy to use, bath lift



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Bath lifts enable the user to get in and out of their bath without any strain or possible injury. There are various types of bath lift available, some of which are hydraulic seats that move and are powered by electricity or battery. There are also some that are inflatable. Difficulties getting in and out of the bath are quickly and easily overcome with a bath list and allow safe, independent bathing in comfort, whilst leaving the bath available to another user who has full mobility. So if you have forgotten what it is like to bathe in comfort, try a bath lift and lie back and have a long soak.









A powered bath lift can take the struggle out of getting down into the bath - then back out again. There are many different types, including the sturdy fabric belt type that lowers you to the bottom of the bath; the giant inflatable plastic cushion that gently deflates to carry you down; and variously styled moulded and or padded plastic seats. There are some bath lifts that will lift you over the edge of the bath itself, with a leg lift as well. Some models will lower you further than others - a point to check if you like a nice deep soak. If more than one person uses the bathroom, you may also want to consider the remove-ability of the bath lift/seat, leaving the bath free and clear for more able bathers. more...



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